Saturday, July 19, 2014

Simple Bedroom Decoration Tips

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 Our bedrooms are a place where we spend large amounts of time, whether sleeping or relaxing but unless they promote a certain feeling and emotion, they will not be as much fun to hang out in or relax. Decorations play a serious part in any household, but the bedroom holds a special place in a home. The following tips will give you more details you can use for decorations of said room in a simple, yet useful way:

·    Using a great number of pillows can not only create a comfortable bedroom, but also use their patterns to create a unique look. Geometric patterns, floral designs and prints can all become a part of the decoration efforts.

·    You can also have a great deal of fun with some artwork of your own to adorn your bedroom. Whether its a nice, graphic quilt that covers a wall made by you or simply extra pretty bed linens or something else that fits the overall mood of the room.

·    Another thing you must keep in mind is how you can use patterns to your advantage when you're doing the decorating. You can for example work a nice-looking printed bedspread, something floral or botanical in nature which makes it perfect for spring and summertime, allowing you to cover more of the surfaces there with something thematic for the season in question.

·    Accent pieces and prints can be of great help when you're working in the bedroom in terms of decorations. Whether its just a lampshade or a small statuette, the overall effect can be great if combined with something else that works on incorporating a certain theme.

·    You should also focus your efforts on the walls of the bedroom, as they need to cover a good bit of the room as well. You can combine them with some interesting nightstands or even lamps that have adjustable angles attached to the walls. This will free up floor space, which is very useful in smaller bedrooms.

·    One thing you must always keep in mind is that your bedroom must closely mirror and reveal the great parts of your personality, something that shows your inner world. This can be done by making sure its decorated and painted in your favorite colors as well as decorated in motifs that fit your personal ideas.

·    Another thing you should not forget is to make your bedroom as comfy as possible. This will make it much more fun for snuggling, sleep and overall rest and relaxation. After all, you should make sure you have a nice and soft bedroom, unless you're a fan of more spartan accommodations. You want snug, soft pillows and soft, warm covers. You know you do, so indulge yourself.

·    Make sure you choose a good focal point for your bedroom, as it will make it that much better when adorned with one. Whether its the bed or something else that makes the room more colorful or rich, the main thing is to ensure it attracts the attention right away. It could even be a piece of art that complements the overall theme of the bedroom.

·    You should make sure you have a good scale difference between the different aspects of your bedroom. A huge four-poster bed might be something you feel you'd love, but if it takes up far too much of your room, then you will need to think of a different solution. Sometimes a smaller or more simple type of furniture in a bedroom can pay off a lot better than it otherwise would.

·    You also need to consider lighting in a more practical manner. A good wall lamp with a switch close by will eliminate the need of putting too many things on your nightstand. Put a multi-watt bulb on it and you will have an easier time manipulating the light levels to your whim. Its practical and much more flexible as a solution.

·    If you want to make your room colorful, but not yet completely saturated with colors, then you can just use a few accent pieces here and there, such as accessories and pieces of art to make it better. It requires little effort while also allowing changes if need be.

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