Thursday, August 14, 2014

Outdoor Adventures

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Oftentimes when my children are doing their schoolwork for the day, they like to go outside for their studies.  They enjoy sitting outside in the garden under our tree in the backyard, enjoying God's great, big creation while they read about it in their books.  They know if they get too distracted, they will have to come in, but usually they do fine.

Today was such a day when some of them were doing their schoolwork outside.  Cherished of God burst into the house through the back door, exclaiming to me, "Come and see!  Come and see!" all the while bouncing up and down.  I hopped up from my spot on the couch to follow her on her "adventure", and of course, all the other children followed too.

She pointed up into our tree while telling me in a hushed voice that there was a woodpecker up there.  We have never seen a woodpecker around here.  It looked a lot like the woodpecker in the above picture, though I wasn't able to get a picture myself.  Cherished is hoping it will build a nest up in our tree, but we'll see.  We got to see it pecking at the tree--bobbing its head up and down--and hear the interesting noise it made.  It flew into the neighbor's tree and did the same thing, but all the girls are hoping it likes our yard better.

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This morning Cherished also got to harvest her very first zucchini from our garden.  This is the first year we've had a garden, and the zucchini was so beautiful!  It was almost completely free of any brown spots!  She waited until it was almost 9 inches to harvest it, but from her reading, it was best to not let it grow much bigger or it would become bitter.  I did get a picture of that and hopefully will get to post that soon.  Shining Light was very fond of the zucchini and wanted to carry it around.  She even held it like a baby and sang it a lullaby.

Later in the afternoon, Guided by Faith caught two baby lizards.  We had a big, old pickle jar that I let her keep them in for a while.  They love watching God's creatures, and that makes this Mama's heart happy.

This evening Cherished and Creative asked me if they could stay up a little late because the night sky was so clear.  They wanted to look at the beautiful stars through the binoculars.  I have had those for many years, before they were even born, and I said sure.  They said they spotted the Big Dipper and Beetlejuice, which Cherished tells me is the biggest star in Orion's Belt.

It was a busy day, but it's always better when we can enjoy God's beautiful creation.

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