Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Morning in the Kitchen

I am thankful for a new day.  In the morning I boil the water with some sea salt for the oatmeal that has been soaking overnight.  I drain the water out of the beans that will be our dinner--nothing fancy tonight.  Two crock pots full to feed my hungry family for dinner and lunch tomorrow.  I will make some brown rice to go along with it.  I rinse the beans and clean them, put them back in the crocks for their hot water bath.  Season with salt, pepper, and garlic.  Switch to high, and they will warm there and cook all day until supper.  I thank God for slow cookers that cook your food all day and have it ready for your evening meal.

I'm still waiting for the oatmeal water to boil.  We don't really have a "laundry room" but just a doorway to where our washer and dryer sit.  I sort some laundry and put a load of colors in the washing machine.  Pour in the lightly scented detergent and the vinegar and start the cycle.  The clothes will come out clean--what a blessing.  Later some will be hung and some dried in the drying machine.  I think of the homemakers before me who worked so hard for clean clothes.

The oatmeal water is boiling.  Cherished of God comes in, all dressed and groomed, and takes over the breakfast-making.  She's adept at cooking and likes to help with it.  She pours the milky oats into the boiling water and stirs.  She lets me know she'll finish the job, and I exit.  Life changes with seasons and my children grow.  It happens too fast--savor the moments before the time has passed. ♥

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  1. So nice to get this little glimpse of your mornings...
    Bless your daughter for helping her Mom ~ what a treasure!

    1. Thanks, Alex! Yes, I'm so thankful for my daughter's help.


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