Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Different Kind of Dinner

Children Playing Outside a Cottage in a Village

Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry I've been so absent lately.  Life has been extra busy for us.  I also have a lot of comments to go through, so if you haven't seen your comment published--just know that I am way behind!

Today we had an errand to run.  When we got home, everyone got busy with their chores.  Then Creative had an idea that she was hoping I'd agree to.  She wanted to eat dinner out in the front yard.  I was going to say no and could think of so many good reasons to say no... The food we were having was not easy to eat outside, we had nothing to eat on,  we would miss Bible time, it would take too long to get everything ready, etc, etc, etc.  But finally I relented and told the children to get the things ready.  They all helped carry our backyard chairs to the front, lay out a couple of old sheets, set up a little "table" for the little ones, and bring out the food I had dished up.

So, I am glad I said yes.  It was fun to do for a change.  The weather outside was so beautiful with a nice breeze.  Even our littlest one did very well eating her supper with no messes.  After we ate, we did the "unthinkable" and played tag, right after eating.  I was about to say no to that too.  But I did it anyway.  And I'm so glad I did.  I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard us screaming as we were chased by each other.

We stayed out too late playing and actually did miss our Bible time.  We will have to get back to that tomorrow.  I am thankful for the fun memories though.  We also got to see the beautiful sunset God painted.  The girls remarked that my clothes matched the sunset because I was wearing a pink shirt, dark blue sweatshirt, and light blue skirt.  It was so much fun and how thankful I am for the break from hardships we have been experiencing lately.

I hope you all are well.

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