Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Importance of Having Your Garden as Clean as Possible

Guest Post
Your garden is something that you take extreme pride and joy in and something that is always part of your maintenance schedule, just like the rest of your house would be. Garden cleaning and maintenance is something that is not only important but imperative because we use our gardens all year around, in different ways. In the winter time, we may use it for storage of furniture and although it is covered up, our garden is the perfect place to keep it. In the summer, we often sit outside in our gardens and invite friends and family for BBQ’s. Gardening is something that not everyone likes to do, and you may not be one of those people for whatever reason. You may simply just not like the idea of things like lawn mowing or leaf cleaning, because they are tedious and take up a lot of time, right down to suffering with allergies such as hay fever and dust, which render you incapable of being able to do so. A lot of allergy sufferers often put off gardening work, simply because the thought of looking like you have a full blown cold in the height of summer just to have a garden tidy up is something that not many people want to actually endure. 
Due to the fact that your garden is home to small animals, especially things like little birds and squirrels, it is always smart to keep your place clean. In your garden, or perhaps your neighbour’s garden, you may find fruit trees growing such as pears, plums and apples and whilst they may look perfect and beautiful when it comes down to just seeing them, as soon as the season turns and it starts getting a bit colder, the fruit will start to fall off the trees and create a huge mess. This sadly attracts rodents, like rats and other not so clean animals that are a potential health hazard to yourself and of course, those who live around you. A lot of people will hire gardeners for this, because with modern day lifestyles so hectic and busy, we don’t always have the time even on the weekends to be able to do everything we want to, much less doing the gardening outside!

Garden cleaning, especially when it comes down to the summer; should be done at least once a month. This ensures that everything on the ground is absolutely clean and nothing can be a stickler when it comes to disease. A clean garden free of any rotting fruit or surplus furniture is a joy to see, as it is a representation of a healthy and clean mind, something that many of us want. How many times do we actually just stick things into our gardens, without really realizing what is happening? We’re clogging up the space that something else could fill, like fresh air or a beautiful new garden ornament that would make the place look better!

A clean garden is something that when we see it, especially after it has been properly

looked after and landscaped; is something we are proud of. It is all too often and easy to forget what your garden looks like, however regular maintenance will help ensure that you are always reminded of Nature’s Beauty!
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