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DOs And Donts Of DIY Bathroom Renovation

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A bathroom needs to be functional and practical, but also beautifully designed, having in mind that it is, among others, a place to relax. Mistakes made at the beginning of the renovation process will leave you with uncomfortable bathroom space for years. It is necessary to pay enough attention to the design of bathroom space, fitting details and storage space.

Make a plan

Before the renovation starts, it is important to make a plan in order to avoid the problems that renovation entails. The complete process of renovation can last anywhere from 10 to 14 days, so you will have to take the time off from your work and to adapt to usage of the other bathroom in your home, especially if your family is big.

Don’t buy inadequate furniture

The bathroom is a place where in a short period of time the temperature and humidity can significantly change. Therefore, it is important to use materials that are designed and manufactured to meet these requirements: water-resistant and pressed materials, properly treated wood, waterproof sealants, glass with appropriate characteristics, floor tiles that are not slippery.


Provide enough light and ventilation

In order to make your bathroom look bigger, make the window bigger, if you have one. The more natural light you have the bigger your bathroom will look. If you are not able to make the window bigger or there isn’t one; use artificial lighting and match the colours to imitate the natural light.

Choose the shower curtains wisely

The shower curtain visually reduces the space. To avoid this problem you can replace the shower curtain with a transparent glass shower. If this is not possible, a clear shower curtain will have less effect in reducing the space. Check out some more design ideas here.

Do sit in the bathtub before you buy it

Bigger is not always better. A bathtub length of 150 cm is quite sufficient for most people. It offers plenty of space to stretch out and to enjoy. Evaluate the slope for the back and support for the neck. A two-person bathtub needs to have slopes on both sides, and the tap should be in the middle. If you have enough room only for a small bathtub, buy as deep as you can find.


Don’t forget the storage space

You would not want to run from the shower to the closet in the other room just to get the towel. Bathroom furniture like closets and shelves allow you to store your towels, cosmetics, scented candles and even plants, easily. Beside this, bathroom furniture can be very decorative.

Consider water consumption

Bathrooms consume more water than any other room in the house; you should consider reducing the water usage, which will have a positive effect on your budget.

Showers with a smaller shower head often spend a lot less water than those with a bigger one. One of the biggest consumers of water in the household is the toilet. Older toilet models use up to 10 litres per flush. Today there are new models with two buttons, for lower and higher consumption. These systems deliver significant savings in water consumption.

Don’t overestimate yourself

If upon reading this, the task seems a bit daunting to do it yourself, you can seek advice from Sydney-based bathroom renovation experts. Consulting the architect or interior designer, prior to renovating the bathroom can be useful. They will help you with adequate positioning of sanitary facilities, bathroom furniture and other equipment.

Bathroom renovation is a slightly demanding task, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it if you have any previous experience in DIY projects. Sure, it might take you a bit more time if you decide to DIY, but as long as you plan ahead and evaluate your skills, there shouldn’t be any problems along the way.

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