Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hot Air Balloons

There is just something about children and balloons...they always find them fascinating...

This morning, as I was trying to get ready for church, my children were enamored by the hot air balloons they could see outside our windows.  They were so very close that we could see the people inside the baskets, and the blazing flames that reached up inside the balloons.

A couple of the balloons flew right over our house.  My delighted children rushed from room to room to get a better view.  My little boy waved and shouted hello, and received a wave in return.  I wish I was able to get some pictures, but I could not since I didn't want to be late for church.

All this excitement with the hot air balloons and the crisper, cooler mornings and evenings tells us that yes, indeed, autumn is finally on its way.  Life is a gift from the Lord, full of good things to enjoy.  I hope you can look for these gifts every day.

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