Friday, November 6, 2015

The Coming of Fall

Autumn Aspens and Old Barn, Big Snowy Mountains, Judith Gap, Montana, USA

Yesterday we finally had our first frost.  Along with that, came our first snowfall.  We have been having unusually warm weather for autumn, but yesterday, we woke up to a very thin layer on our wall and the roofs of the houses in the neighborhood.  My children were delighted!

We have been going on a walk almost every day, and it has been wonderful to see the pretty fall trees and get some fresh air and exercise.

I am very glad that the weather has finally turned cooler, as I do not do well in hot weather.  Unfortunately, when I went to turn on my room heater, I found out that it has somehow broken between this year and last.  My bedroom and bathroom are the coldest rooms in the house in the winter.  I do not know why it is like that, but it is.  I went to look at the heaters at Walmart, but they cost more than I can afford right now.  Money is tight as I try to feed a houseful of growing children who almost always want seconds, thirds, and fourths!

Over the last couple of months, we have also experienced a broken toaster, bread machine, and part of our blender.  The toaster doesn't matter much to me--we can always toast bread in the oven, since we usually make it for the whole family when we eat toast.  The blender can still be used, but it has to be held onto while it's running (which can be time-consuming when you use it for grinding grains for blender-batter baked goods).  And then the bread machine is a really difficult thing--I just don't have the time to hand-knead bread.  My eldest has made a few batches of bread (hand-kneaded), when she has had time, and they turned out just lovely, as you can see.  My eldest had also made sourdough, but our starter went bad, and all kinds of flour was wasted.  I do think we need to keep our starter in the refrigerator after it is caught, but we hardly ever have room in our refrigerator for a big bowl of starter.  When I have time, I need to look into a different recipe and method, but my daughter has been the one to manage it and keeps having difficulties.

My daughter's beautiful bread

All this to say, as I write this now, I hear some of my daughters singing hymns in the other room.  Our little, temporary troubles mean so little.  How joyous to hear songs of praise to God come from our children's lips!  As we go about our lives day to day, we must keep eternity always in mind so that we will rightly react to our little trials and temptations in life.  God is so very good and gracious to us. 

I must get on with our day now, and I hope you have a wonderful, productive day.

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