Friday, February 26, 2016

Taking Note of Things Accomplished

I woke up early this morning.  It is so good to wake up early, before your alarm goes off.  I had gotten into an unpleasant habit of staying up too late and getting up too late, so this was a blessing.  I think it was partially Miss Kitty that woke me up.  She is always a very hungry kitty, and meows rather impatiently any time she feels it is her meal time.  But regardless, I was awake, and thankfully stayed awake, with energy for a new day.

I wanted to make a list of the things  I have already accomplished today, as sometimes we homemakers get so overwhelmed with our looming to-do list that we don't think we are getting anything done.

I had my quiet time.
I had my breakfast and my morning supplements.
I gave kisses and hugs to my children.
I put away food that was cooking.
I made Finnish pancakes for the children's breakfast.
I put a chicken in the crock pot to make homemade broth.
I took out the kitchen trash that was full.
I got my littlest one dressed.
I got rid of unwanted emails (this is something I want to minimize even more--the unwanted emails that have to be deleted because I don't have time to read them).

Two Little Girls Wash Their Dolls' Clothes

This list does not look like much when I glance over it.  But it happened in a short time.  I have a full list of things to do today.  We have our home learning, which will take up most of the day.  There will be sandwiches on homemade bread for the children at lunch, and for dinner we will have peanut chicken poppers with some roasted vegetables.  In between all that, I need to tackle our mountain of laundry that sprung up out of nowhere, and attend to other housecleaning.

Two of my daughters switched rooms yesterday.  It seems the "Spring Cleaning" bug is inherent in us girls, and they get that urge around this time of year to make some changes and tidy up their little living areas.  This created a lot of extra laundry, but it is nice to have a fresh, clean start in a small way.

I hope you all are well and enjoy this new day, this gift from the Lord.

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