Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Make a Chedworth-Style Shoe Locker

Guest Post by Ella
If you have a need for a good shoe locker for your many shoes, then this project will really work out for you. To avoid the need for excessive clearance of your shoes, you will need to work hard to make sure you keep them organized. As some of us have a whole army of shoes, we need to work on keeping them under control by doing some decluttering and clearance every once in a while. To make the finished shoe rack you will need the following materials:
  • 2 wooden 1x4x8’s for the legs
  • 6 wooden 1x3x8’s for the shelves 
  • 1 wooden 2x2x8 for the shelf supports 
  • A good number of screws, specifically 1-5/8” ones
You can use general purpose lumber, whether pine or something else doesn’t really matter. The sizes are meant to be commonly available in most lumber yards, so you won’t have to worry about it.
  • Preparation work
The fastest and best ways you can do this type of project is to pre-cut the materials in a good size and sorting them accordingly. The following sizes are what you need to cut:
  • 4 pieces at sizes 1x4x28”
  • 12 pieces at 1x3x36” 
  • 6 pieces at 2x2x12”
The next step is assembly, which is the most important one of course. Start at the ends and work your way toward tying it all together with the shelves. You would do well to keep the tolerances small to ensure you make the final project as square as you can.
  • Legs
Gather all pieces for one of the ends, and then set them on the ground in the right assembly, having the 2x2 on the bottom and the 1x4s on top. Then you need to position the bottom side of the 2x2 to the edge of a 1x4. This should help keep it in a horizontal alignment. Set the bottom side of the 1x4 to the top of a 2x2 and you will have things ready. Once you measure the length of the other side of the 1x4 you can have a good alignment to place a screw on the outer end. This will help keep it in place, then check the alignment and put in the second screw. You need to do the same for the other leg, and then install the top 2x2 measuring from the top of the 1x4 to the top of the 2x2. Make sure the alignment is right before you deal with inserting the screws. Install the middle 2x2, making sure the top of the middle 2x2 is centered on the upper and lower parts. Keep the distance between 11-1/2”. Repeat the other side and you will be done.
  • Shelving
This will be much easier for you if you hold a leg when you install the shelving pieces. While you have a leg up, position the shelf on either the front or the back and make sure it is tight against the leg before you insert the screws into the 2x2. Repeat those on each end, then install the opposing slat in the same manner, making sure you have flushness and ends that are butted up. Install the middle slats and ensure even placement, then repeat for the middle and top shelves and you’re done.

In the end, if you don’t think you have the patience or experience to deal with this, you can always hire a handyman to get the job done. Look for local handymen either online or through someone you know, as they can deal with furniture assembly, craftsman jobs and any other odd-jobs such as this project. Make use of the chance to do some house clearance as well to make maximized use of your shelving space. If your home has way too much, then you will need to get some professional help for clearance purposes.

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