Sunday, May 1, 2016

Homemaking Helps & Giveaway (Last Day!!)

I just love to increase my learning and knowledge about all sorts of homemaking skills.  Don't you?  I have lots of books on our bookshelves that are about homemaking, cleaning, organizing, and the like.  (There are lots of other books too).  I have definitely not read them all, but the nice thing is, they are there for when I want to reference something, and also, I will find my girls picking them up and reading, learning some new things.  One of my daughters is very interested in gardening, so she has read several gardening books that we own that I have never had the time to read!  Now she has been the main person taking care of our garden for the past few years.  Not only has this been a blessing to us, but it will bless her and her family when she grows up and gets married.

Just because we own a book doesn't mean we have to read it right now.  Sometimes we save things for later, or even for our other family members to use like my example above.

Do you have a "library" of books available to pick from when you want to learn something new, or even for your growing children to pick up a new skill from?  I just wanted to mention an easy way you can get a sort of "library" for your home, to pick and choose books off the "shelf" when you want to look into them.  If you didn't know already, Monday is the last day to purchase a whole bundle of homemaking helps, for one very low price.  This is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for 2016, and there are a lot of great resources!  Just think, you can purchase it now, and then have many ebooks, ecourses, and more things for you and your family available for whenever you are ready to use some (or all) of them.  You can pick and choose what you want to use and when you want to use it--you don't have to use it all, and it's still a great deal!  The sale ends on May 2, 2016 at 11:59 pm EST.

And also...I think this is a perfect Mother's Day present for all of us moms (hint, hint)...

There are resources to help you learn about budgeting, DIY and homemade projects, helps for your faith, helps for holidays and traditions, helps for in the kitchen, helps for marriage, helps for motherhood, help with organization and routines, many recipes, self care, and even for working at home.  There are also several bonuses included.

This bundle of resources is very helpful and also very encouraging.  What's not to love for the homemaker?  I think it is a blessing that others have written reliable resources to help us along the way and sharpen our skills and also encourage us.

So please go ahead and check out all the wonderful resources that are included in this bundle of homemaking helps!  If you decide to purchase through my link, you will not only have a full package of great homemaking helps at your fingertips, but you will be helping out the Blessed Homemaking family (and we really need it right now).

Here is your timer to see how much time you have left to purchase, (and so you don't wait until the last minute.)

Also, right now you can enter to win $100 towards any curriculum you choose!  Just go here to enter.

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