Monday, June 6, 2016

6 Household Items You Did Not Know You Could Reuse

Guest Post by Ella

Do you have a junk collection that you are planning to throw away? Don't do it just yet. What may seem like an item worthy only for rubbish removal may be reused. There are many household items that you own that have the potential to made into something new, so do not be so fast with that junk removal plan. Hold off the junk disposal for now and first think about what you can use and what you cannot. Use your imagination above everything else – as Einstein said, all imagination is but a future invention.

That old basket that you have sitting around could be a recycling box. It would look nicer than an old plastic container too. It may even be used in the garage to store outdoor toys or garden tools.

Do you have broken dishes? Don't throw them out for waste removal. You could make a pretty craft or a new tabletop with the broken pieces. The mosaic look would be unique and creative!

Old toothbrushes can be used to clean those hard to reach places, such as the corners and edges of a bathtub or under a facet.

A vintage suitcase can be reused to make a coffee table or stack a few of them in the corner for decoration. They could be used for storage there too.

Empty tissue boxes can be reused to store plastic bags or to store random items in your desk drawer. They would also make a great trash can for in the car.

Old glass jars and containers can be reused to store craft supplies, buttons, candy, cotton balls, homemade salad dressing or another recipe. They look nice too. The possibilities are endless here. You can store almost anything in glass containers.

There are many other things in your home you can reuse too. Just look around at what you have and see what you can come up with. Don't just throw it out because you think it's already served its purpose. Before you toss something out with the rubbish, research repurposing ideas to see what it could be. It will save you money too.

The imagination can be a powerful force in such events and you should use it and apply it to get the best results. You want to use all the items that would otherwise go for rubbish removal, or at least do some proper waste recycling. The main point is to make sure everything is in use and that nothing will go to the landfill. There it will only pollute and harm the environment – and nobody wants that. So apply the imagination and help the planet while helping yourself.

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