Wednesday, October 5, 2016

5 Inexpensive Home Refurbishment Projects You Should Try

Guest Post by Ella

Home refurbishment doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. There are some things that can be done for a budget or low price to make some improvements on one's home. A person doesn't have to have a major income or fat budget to do some fixing up with their home. They just need to focus on doing some home improvements that they can afford and go on from there. There are home improvements that don't have to be all about the price tag. They can still be pretty nice upgrades in their own way to one's home.

What are 5 inexpensive home refurbishment projects you should try out? They are:

1. Painting a room or more than one room
- Painting is something that always add not only new colour, but is also able to add a new look to any room that it is done in. Painting is one of the cheapest of all home refurbishment projects to tackle. Buying paint can also be a bargain, if a person shops around, and tries to get paint when it goes on sale or has a discount on it. In addition to that, if you work carefully, you don’t need to bother with builders clearance services afterwards.

2. Reface or refinish kitchen cabinets - Another project that doesn't cost a great deal is to make your kitchen cabinets look new and different, all with a little clearance service. This is something that can be done by doing a reface or refinish on them. What refacing of cabinets involves is making sure to leave the actual cabinet boxes in place. The only thing that is replaced are the cabinet doors. Wooden kitchen cabinets can be stripped of their old paint, varnished, and then applying new paint to them.

3. Upgrading some appliances - Another inexpensive in cost home refurbishment project is to upgrade some appliances in your home. These appliances can be in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home. Start off the upgrading process by purchasing just one energy efficient and Energy Star appliance. It doesn't matter if it is a microwave oven, food processor, stove, or anything else. You can sell the old one as part of some junk removal project to make money and gradually work towards your goal to replace all the others.

4.Tiling the bathroom
- Tiling a small or moderate sized bathroom is another inexpensive home refurbishment project that can be done. The home owner can search and find discounted tiles to install themselves within the bathroom. The only consideration is that this is rather messy project and will likely require builders waste removal afterwards.

Flower up the entranceway to your home
- Another awesome and beautifying type of inexpensive home refurbishment project is to add some attractive planters, nice lighting fixtures for the exterior, a hardwood bench or swing, and to line the walkways with a colourful border of perennial flowers or plants. Consider garden clearance to remove clutter and put the focus on your beautiful features.

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