Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Quietness of Children

Sleeping Child, Greenaway
All the children have been in bed for awhile, but breaking the quiet of the night, I heard little Shining Light crying.  She would start, then stop, and then start again.  I went to see what was the matter.

For the past several nights, she's been snuggled up next to little Child of Truth, by their choice and agreement.  Sisters are such blessings when they get along nicely.  When I opened the door and spoke softly to Shining Light, she stopped crying out, but I could see the tears trickling down her tender face.  Her soft little eyes were open, sleepily, and she started to tell me how she saw a "dirt road" and something else...she had been dreaming.  I spoke gently to her that it's okay...and rubbed her tiny back while she dozed off to sleep again.

As I sat on the floor by the bed, I listened to the soft sounds of the clock ticking and several of our children breathing quietly.  I looked at all their peaceful, sleeping faces and thought of what miracles they are, every one of them, and how amazing it is that the Lord entrusts us with such souls.

How easily we forget, in our day-to-day rush of life, the important things that have been given to us...Like the raising and training of children's souls, like husbands, like wives...our dear family that we are around every day and are either showing Christ to...or not.  How we need the Lord's help hour by hour, moment by moment, to do well in the place He has put us.

This is what I thought of, as I paused there by my little daughter's bed.  The days and years are so fleeting.  There are so many temporary things we must contend with, but their souls, their souls will go on forever.  Let us take heed and remember, mothers. ~Ephesians 5:15-17

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