Thursday, February 9, 2017

Enjoying the Warm Weather

The weather here has been like Spring.  The days have been so warm, we've had our windows open all day.  I had meal planning to do this evening, but the children beckoned me to come see the sunset.  It really was beautiful.  What a wonderful, creative God we serve.

After watching the beautiful sunset, the children started a game of dodge ball, just like we would play with Daddy.  Instead of them chasing him though, the children were going after me.  Creative said I was like a little girl the way I was screaming and running away.  Well, it is good to stay youthful :)

After a little while, the ball bounced off somebody and went into the neighbor's yard.  So we then had a game of freeze tag.  I'm sure we stayed out much too late, as it was way past dinnertime when we finally came in.  I whipped up some blueberry pancakes with sprouted flour, and we had a late dinner.  But I suppose these spontaneous times are needed occasionally.  I  know we all had fun.

Life is so busy right now and much is on my mind.  It seems there are always trials in life, and the Lord deals more to some than others.  While making dinner, I put on some Scripture Songs and was reminded of the promises and goodness of God, and comforted by the Psalms.

When in a trial, it also does good to go over the things you have to be thankful for.  Some of my list right now:  my wonderful, Godly husband; my beautiful and special children; God's provision; God's sovereignty; times of joy and fun; being able to run around with the children; and having our good and gracious Heavenly Father on our side.

I hope you are well, my dear readers ♥

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