Sunday, April 23, 2017

We Must Preserve Purity

Many of our churches today do nothing about immodesty.  Jesus did not die in agony upon Calvary's cross to dress his beloved bride like a harlot.  He did not.  His enemies stripped him in public to shame him.

Professing Christian women today expose themselves voluntarily, without shame, in skimpy clothing, short skirts, swimwear, low cut tops, obscenely tight clothing and pants.

Yet, the word of God, which is sufficient for all things in life, plainly commands women to adorn themselves in modest apparel because you're the bride of Christ ~ in modest apparel, with shamefacedness, sobriety and self control.  Our Savior clothes His bride in righteousness, good works and heart felt modesty.  He gives her a heart for purity, not sinful sensuality.

Godly older women can advise young women regarding sexual purity in a way far more appropriate than men can, and by doing this, older women actually help guard and maintain purity in Christ's congregation, and their homes.  She is like a wall that helps preserve purity in the body of Christ.

This is from Part 2 of The Sufficiency of Scripture for Women's Ministry:

This is not a nice idea, some illusion, or something unattainable for the Christian woman.  This is something we must stand for, require of our daughters growing up, and not falter on under pressure. We are to show forth the purity of the Bride of Christ, and we can not do this while exposing our bodies inappropriately.  Some have strayed.  We must return to exhibiting purity in this dark world.  We are strangers passing through and must be mindful of our heavenly home.  Ladies, we must be a light for Christ in how we dress.

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  1. This quote is from the CDs from the conference, I take it?

  2. Oh, I agree. I believe it is very confusing to the young ladies (and some older ladies!!) that are in the church.
    Our own daughter questioned," why can't I wear that when so and so does and SHE is a Christian?"

    They are CONFUSED by this disobedience!!

    1. That is very true. It is sad and disappointing when the older girls who claim to be Christian in the church, push the limits more and more. I have had this problem with my daughters, looking up to the older ones and thinking if it's okay for them to wear it, then it must be fine.

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    1. Yes, different cultures, will differ as far as different types of clothing, but we can always dress modestly, as God's Word tells us to. We are to be modest and shame-faced. Dressing modestly is a good deed in and of itself, and shows love to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and shows the light of Christ to the world.

      We are supposed to be different from the world and the culture around us, so we should expect to not belong--we DON'T belong here--we are strangers and pilgrims on earth.

      Dressing modestly will come naturally from our inward humility and purity of heart. It shouldn't be a distraction but should come from within--from our desire to please the Lord and to love our fellow man.

      We don't have to dress like the Amish, but it should go without saying that we should keep certain body parts private (covered), and not wear skimpy nor skin-tight clothing.


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