Friday, May 19, 2017

A Warning for Our Modern Times

Dear Mothers and Housewives,

 I have a warning for us all today.  Please join me at Raising Homemakers to see what it is.

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  1. Thank you for the gentle reminder. How difficult it is to avoid such unnecessary, time-sucking distractions! But we must! Oh, how we must! For the sake of our children, our husband and our own souls.

    1. Yes, we must. We must be disciplined. So easy to be undisciplined these days, but we must.

  2. Hello, I just wanted to tell you that this topic was a very imprtant read for our culture and for women that want to keep their hearts focused and pleasing to the Lord! I can say that all social media is addicting...
    You mentioned FB but really I see more ladies on Instagram and Pinterest.
    I only use these things once in awhile, but when you can not go through a whole day or a weekend without it you may have a problem!
    Blessings, Roxy P.S. I may even write a post on this very topic!

    1. I don't have an Instagram account, but I do use Pinterest mostly for book-marking things that I have researched or need to look into, etc. I really don't scroll through it to look for things, however. There are so many distracted in our days. We really must be careful. We need to live our real lives and not dwell in some other world on social media.


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