Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What Will You Wear to the Beach or Pool?

May God bless all of those ladies, young or old, who will SWIM this summer and do so modestly,...
and who will facilitate your daughters doing similarly.
May God bless the work of your hands as you endure the frustration of going store-by-store, site-by-site, seamstress-by-seamstress --
almost ready to give up! --
but pressing on in a desire to honor your God,
your husbands -- perhaps current, perhaps future --,
and/or the eyes of others' husbands and sons who will bear witness to your time in the water.

There are a number of us who notice your Godly character, as reflected in your swimming attire.
We not only appreciate your example to our daughters,...
but we also appreciate that our husbands and sons will not be put in the awkward position of perhaps needing to look at the birds in the sky or flat-out LEAVE the swimming area that they had hoped to enjoy.
There is nothing more fun than time in the sun without the unnecessary awkwardness of nudity or partial nudity all around.
And there is nothing more lovely than seeing modest women and girls fulfilling the positive duties of "thou shall not commit adultery" and "flee fornication" in their shopping leading up to and during the summer pool season.
~K. Harrhof
The below video has some interesting information on the history of how bikinis came about, and what women used to wear to go swimming.  She also presents information about how immodestly dressed women affect the male brain.  Our culture has truly lost their sense of shame and decency in this area.  Women wearing the current popular beach attire should be embarrassed by it!  Please, as the summer months approach, think about what you are wearing (and your daughters).  Think about how it affects the people around you.  No one wants to see all your flesh hanging out, or at least no one should be.   Note:  the nice lady presenting the information has her own swimwear line, but I do not recommend them as they really don't cover enough.  

Also, someone has recommended Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America.  I've heard it mentioned before, but now I've moved it up on my to-read list.

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  1. This is a wonderful reminder. It is so nice to go to the pool and not worry about what I'm showing others and what my big boy is seeing. This is why I usually go to the pool in the morning when it's mostly mothers and children. My son goes by himself in the afternoon sometimes, and I have seen that crowd, and it is not encouraging. If God ever gives me a girl, I couldn't imagine allowing her to expose herself in such a way. I wonder, do fathers and mothers not notice how their girls look to others? Do they really not see their girls in this light? Maybe they still see their little girl rather than their budding young lady. I really wonder.

    1. I think at times Christian men seem to be naive. My husband is not a follower of the Savior (yet!. He was very picky about how our daughter dressed, see he was under no illusion about how visual the male is.

  2. Wonderful options we have discovered for our daughters are swim shirts (look like t-shirts but the fabric is spandex and polyester so it is lighter weight and easier to get off wet. A sports bra under that. And nice long basketball shorts! They come down to the knees. In those outfits our teen girls are comfortable to swim, comfortable to be out of the water no matter who is around and no cover us are needed! So thankful for good options for modesty at swimming time! :)

  3. I rarely go to the beach. But my grandchildren love to swim. So when I go along I wear a knit skirt and top that dry quickly. I can play with them without worry of exposing part of my body to others. I am at ease and can focus on them alone. My husband and I also enjoy canoeing and I wear the same. Added bonus is sun protection.

  4. I have six daughters and so my hunt for a modest bathing suit has been a long ordeal. I had parents that encouraged modest bathing suits as a child, so it was in me to want the same thing for my daughters. We have actually found Muslim type bathing suits (without head coverings, - basically a tee shirt dress with short type leggings underneath) on ebay that we have bought for the girls. It covers their backs and shoulders- so that is a bonus to not have a sunburn! The girls, especially the older girls, feel so comfortable in them.
    I do wish more mothers and daughters would consider covering their bodies more modestly, not just as the beach but every day. It is a such a shame - literally.

  5. Angie R~
    Honestly, Christians don't even belong at pools/beaches where others are not covered/modest...

    1. Jen W~

      Yes, unfortunately my sons cannot go to a beach or pool. We haven't gone in years, and I feel bad that they can't enjoy the water. There are just too many immodest people for any of us to feel comfortable. :(

    2. Karen L~
      I'm so thankful to live in Oregon now, where it's so COLD no one is immodestly dressed. And it saves my arm too, because In Southern California, I had to walk covering my husband's eyes!!!!

    3. That's too bad that we can't go because other people ruin it for us. I really don't see how men/boys can keep a pure heart and be around that.

  6. Vaughn O~
    9 I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators: 10 Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world.

  7. Cheryl T~
    We've enjoyed going jet skiing where most folks wear rash guards and shorts. We stay at one end of a cove that doesn't get much traffic either. 😊

  8. Paula R~
    It's getting worse...our last family trip to the beach, one young lady must have thought tops were optional...


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