Friday, August 21, 2020

It's Best to Eat What God Made


"The Diet Dictocrats are strangely silent about the ever increasing trend toward food processing & the devitalization of America's rich agricultural bounty. Food processing is the largest manufacturing industry in the country & hence the most powerful. This industry naturally uses its financial clout to influence the slant of university research & the dictates that come from government agencies. A 1980 study showed that almost half the leading officials at the FDA had previously worked for organizations the agency is mandated to regulate. The universities have equally powerful ties to the food processing industry. A good example is Harvard where Dr. Frederick Stare, head of the nutrition department for many years, began his career with several articles delineating nutritional deficiencies caused by white flour & a study on Irish brothers that positively correlated a high intake of vegetable oils--not animal fats--with heart disease. Soon after he became department head, however, the university received several important grants from the food processing industry. Dr. Stare's articles & weekly newspaper columns then began assuring the public that there was nothing wrong with white bread, sugar & highly processed foods. He recommended one cup of corn oil per day to prevent heart disease, & in one article he even suggested Coca-Cola as a snack!" 
~from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon (highly recommended!)

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  1. It seems the devil has the strongest foothold over the places that were once the most godly when our country began.

  2. My goodness. Corn oil and Coca-Cola! From the obesity I see, I think a lot of people jumped on this bandwagon. I'm a huge supporter of stocking the pantry right now and I know that I have several items that are considered "quick and easy" and know that they have been processed, but I really try to make that the exception - I'm more for stocking the pantry with items to make our meals with - homemade items made with good ingredients. Thank you for this post and warning us how dangerous certain "food" (if we want to call it that) is. Mary

  3. One CUP of corn oil per day? That's truly disgusting.


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