Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Foundation to Improve Your Family's Health

Many years ago, when my children and I suffered from health problems, I took them to the doctor for help.  But I was either only offered prescriptions to mask the symptoms, or was given no help at all because the doctors had no answers.  After this, I began to research how I could naturally help my family be healthy, and a big majority of my research pointed to what we were eating!  Through God's loving providence, I learned about eating a traditional foods diet and began to implement what I was learning.  We saw dramatic improvements to our health.

I am forever grateful to the organization and work of Dr. Weston A. Price, who pioneered the research into the diets of traditional people groups several years ago.  There is now a foundation (WAPF) in his name that has made it their mission to spread the message and research on healthy eating, and you can join and be a part of the foundation.  I have been a member for several years and greatly appreciate their work and information, so I wanted to let you know that they are offering a discount in March of $10 for new members ($30 for US and $40 for non-US).

WAPF as a group is able to accomplish things that as individuals we can never do alone.
  • WAPF has helped bring traditional foods back to the plate—fermented veggies, raw milk, grass-fed meat, bone broth and more!
  • WAPF has been active in gaining greater access to these foods by backing supportive legislation and connecting food producers with consumers such that the availability of these foods has increased dramatically.
  • WAPF has supported the scientific validation of these foods through articles and research which helps people appreciate the value of these foods and eat them.
See even more things they do at:

Please support this organization by becoming a member. Membership dollars help them continue their work. You will benefit by getting their quarterly journal, shopping guide and can join their members-only Facebook group. To join:

If you join, please send me an email to let me know, at blessedhomemaking dot gmail dot com.

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