Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Proper View of Sin

How can we have a casual view of sin after what our Lord and Saviour has done for us?  How can we continue on in any sort of evil without any thought or care?  How can we live for ourselves and our own pleasure without any thought of our Lord?  How can we be amused or entertained by the things that cost our Saviour His life?  Do we have deep sorrow and repentance over our sin, and plead with the Lord to help us overcome sin in our lives?  May the following illustration help us.

This is the knife which cut the throat of your dear child!

(Jeremiah Burroughs)

If I do indeed believe that my sin has cost the blood of Christ--then certainly my sin is a dreadful evil.

Oh, let me never have to do with such sin as was the cause of such sufferings to my Savior--which shed His precious blood.

If you saw the knife that had cut the throat of your dearest child, would not your heart rise against that knife?

Suppose you come to dine, and there is a knife laid by your plate, and it was told to you that this is the knife which cut the throat of your dear child--could you use that knife to eat your dinner?

Oh with what detestation would you fling away such a knife!

And with the like detestation it is required that you should renounce sin--for your sin was the cause of the death of Christ!

So when a temptation comes to sin--you must think, "This is the knife . . .
which cut the throat of Christ,
which pierced His side,
which was the cause of all His sufferings,
which made Christ to be a curse!"

Now you will look upon your sin as a cursed thing, which made Christ to be a curse!

"A bleeding Savior I have viewed,
And now, I hate my sin!"

~ ~ ~ ~

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