Thursday, June 6, 2019

A Constant Companion

...There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24)

This Scripture reminds me of the Lord, Whom I want to keep as my Constant Companion.  I have an old book called Closer than a Brother, and it is about the blessing and friendship we have in Christ. I am reminding myself daily of how the Lord is always near, always with me.  I always have Someone to turn to throughout my day.  I can always ask Him questions and seek Him to guide me.

What an often-neglected blessing this is to the Believer! Instead of rushing first to friends, or to family, or to someone on the internet, we should first turn to our Closest Friend, Who knows all and sees all.

A homemaker, even though she may be alone in the house at times during the day, should never feel completely alone.  We have that Constant Companion, our Dearest Friend--the Lord Jesus, always with us, and always available for us to talk to!

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  1. So very true! How grateful I am that God has taught me to go to Him and not to an available person; for no one but God has answers, only opinions. Don't we all! How blessed I am to have a Savior that is available always. A true Confidant.

  2. So true thanks for this post xx

  3. That's right, Trish. We need to go to Him first, instead of forgetting about His wonderful counsel and His desire for us to go to Him. We may receive counsel from others at times, but it is not infallible like our precious Saviour.


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