Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Western World's Greatest Church

Below are some more inisightful words from Mrs. Mosser.  She is right.  We just cannot expect good to come out of sending our children to be trained by the world and its system every day.  This is no small issue.  We are talking about our children's future and the future of the Church.  Please, Christian parents, take heed.

Ah, the schools. America's greatest church. Indoctrination central. It's hands down the most dangerous place to send a child, yet that's where so many go.

There's rape, molestaion, shootings, stabbing, evolution, moralism, sex, drugs. All kinds of wickedness.
Train up a child in the way he should go: And when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Satan knows this verse too, ladies! Many are the socialists and the atheists because many are the schools. Public, private, Christian.

So I just have one question. How long til that light is extinguished by the darkness that surrounds them? Most children are put in another's care at 6 weeks old. From that point on, mama's career and mama's sanity are all that matter, and the child gets shipped from one place to another. From day care, to school, after school programs, and homework. Very little time is spent at home with families.

Paul Washer said something I wholeheartedly agree with:
Your children will go to public school and be trained somewhere around 15,000 hours in ungodly secular thought. And then they'll go to Sunday school and they'll color a picture of Noah's ark. And you think that's going to stand against the lies they are being taught?

Growing up, I went to church 3 times a week. Sunday school, youth group, service, had home Bible studies every week. Dad read the Proverbs of the day to us in the morning while we ate breakfast. Prayed for all of us before leaving for work in the mornings. And we went to public school. Whose voice do you think I listened to? I was a very quiet and shy girl who adored my family, but I dressed like a whore. At 19 years old I was meeting guy friends at an empty park at 10 pm. Didn't do anything, but does that really matter? I sure wasn't listening to the voice of the Lord, that's for sure! I was considered a goody two-shoes, and I lived like the world. I listened to the voices of the public school. I was lost and on my way to hell. But thank You Jesus, He saved me! I have a lot of regrets that I wouldn't have had if I had Jesus given to me all day every day, rather than a quick spiel in the morning before hopping on the bus.

All that being said, sending your child into the darkness to be a light is sending your child to hell. Be aware.

Or you could say, sending your child into the darkness to be a light is equal to sending a baby lamb to the wolves. If he survives, it won't be without scars!

Jesus called full grown men to go into the world, and be His salt and light. Not children. Not women. Women are to be in the home raising her own children. If you want the light of Christ Jesus to go to the public school system then ask your husband to go into the lions den himself. Stop sending children to do a man's job.

~B. Mosser

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  1. BRAVO! AMEN!!
    God bless your boldness.

  2. AMAZING! Thank you Jesus for freeing us from the lie of the public school system! And thank you for sharing this! God bless you and your family.

  3. Amen! You are so right. I pray more Christian families wake up!


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