Saturday, April 11, 2020

Facts Matter

Another I've copied and pasted for your information (and video below):

Folks, facts matter.

Facts matter : Bill Gates

Concerning but not incriminating:
Bill Gates moved all his investments around and invested in “philanthropy”, 5G, and pharmaceuticals.

Super Bizarre considering the timing 🤔🤯:
Bill Gates held an event 201 pandemic simulation of coronavirus before this all happened.

Now this is just plain nefarious if true:
Bill Gates is suddenly portrayed in media articles as having some say in our health and the presidents decisions.

Also concerning but not entirely Incriminating:
Bill Gates was friends with Jeffery Epstein (convicted pedophile and child sex trafficker) and photographed together on more than one occasion.

Ok, so this is pushing the concern to another level :
Bill Gates is the second largest WHO donor, and the WHO is calling for the removal of people from their homes with the 🦠 (?).

Now this is treasonous:
Bill Gates openly wants a one world government, policy, currency, and tracking devices implanted into people.

This is just corruption:
Bill Gates has the head of the Coronavirus task force- Dr Anthony Fauci- who is currently advising the president what to do with the entire country right now- on the board of his foundation!!

This is telling:
Bill Gates has invested in 7 coronavirus vaccines and patents.

Facts matter.

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