Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Respectable Women

"Thank you" to all the Christian young ladies who respect themselves enough to not wear clothing that looks like their underwear when they swim, as though a change of environment makes it acceptable. And thank you for not posting pictures of yourself in said underwear-like clothing. (You would freak out if a guy took pictures of you in your underwear.)

~Kelly Crawford

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  1. I wanted to say thanks to blessed homemaking for posting the article about bathing suits several years back. After watching the video with my husband we invested in modest bathing clothes for me! I am very grateful that God used the article to help me see the need to change. May His Holy Name be praised. For anyone interested I have found modest bathing skirts at daintyjewells.com

  2. Oh, that's a wonderful praise. Thanks for coming back to share that. That also is a lovely link--those are some of the best bathing suits I've seen! Thank you for sharing. God bless.


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