Monday, August 10, 2020

The Current Situation (a Man's Thoughts)

'I need to get some things off my chest. Before commenting, please take a few minutes to read it all, if you decide to. I am not a medical doctor, or a scientist. I am just a man who seeks to do as much critical thinking and research before jumping on bandwagons just because everyone else is. As followers of Jesus Christ I believe that’s what we all should be doing anyway. With that said I’ll start.

I am utterly sick, and I mean sick and tired of the stupidity with all this virus stuff. From the masks, to social distancing, to plexiglass everywhere, to watching church online, and to changing things about how schools should be operated for our children. Which brings me to one of the main reasons I’m writing this. My daughter attends a small private “Christian” school. She loved her first year and we were happy to continue sending her back. They are “encouraging” masks but not making them mandatory. However, they also want to box in all the desks with plexiglass around the kids, ya know for “safety.” I’m reminding you to read that again....this is a “Christian” school, not a public one.

For those of you who have eyes to see and ears to hear: Social distancing is not about this virus. Yes, I’m sorry to burst your google doctorate, but it’s not about this virus. None of this nonsense is. Social distancing is about altering normal, healthy, human behavior. It is intended to make people paranoid of one another. To isolate people, and starve them of social interaction. Do you know what all this garbage will do to people? Do you know what it will do to children? Do you? Do you want your children to be trained to be skeptic of any human interaction or contact? To be trained that “a better way” of communication is mainly through stupid screens for their entire lives? Do you want them dealing with despair and depression by the time they’re 12yrs old, or sooner? Because that’s what the government wants. Why? Because they have a pill, or a vaccine, or some other satanic designed formula that will fix them right up for you.

In case you’re wondering, this virus has like little to no effect on children. Yes you heard that correctly, little to no effect on children. Yet some of you even got your kids in face masks. Do you even know that face masks are not scientifically proven to work in the prevention of any virus? (Actually says so right on many of the boxes—as I have spoken of this plenty of times now) How can I say this? Well because nowhere in history has anyone thought it was going to be necessary to mask the entire planet. There has not been a need to do any scientific testings of mask wearing. It has however been proven that the masks pose health risks. Even severe ones. They lower your oxygen levels significantly. They also increase the inhaling of bacteria that you have been exhaling into it all day. Do this enough, and you risk shortness of breath, headaches, and even bacterial infections. There are enough stories out there at this point affirming what I just said. So, do you want to risk your child’s health in doing that? Do you want to risk their growing bodies and compromise their immune systems because you think they’re more safe from a virus that has over a 99% recovery rate? From one parent to another, please do some good research and stop putting them on your children. I’ve said enough about the masks.

Plexiglass. I’m not even sure this needs an explanation because it should be plain to people how utterly ridiculous it is, but I will offer some thoughts on it. In most stores now they have put a small shield up to supposedly protect the workers and the customers. One way shopping traffic and masks might not be working so let’s go further on “safety.” Of course all the things the workers touched, scanned, and put in the bags for you to take home couldn’t possibly be contaminated though. All the items people have been touching all day in and throughout the store that you now have touched couldn’t possibly be contaminated either. Let’s now take that same mentality and idea and box our children in at school around their desks. They’ll be more safe this way. This is what we have been told. How is this considered safety and not stupidity? How? Someone please give me any sound reasonable argument with any form of logic that affirms my kid is more safe from a virus, that again has little to no effect on children, by boxing them in around their desks with plexiglass? Has the virus been drinking smart water? Does it see the shield and decide “oh no we are blocked! we can’t go around it or get them when they get up to use the bathroom or play outside?” Folks putting a shield around children is only going to make them feel more isolated—Back to disrupting normal human behavior. Look I’m not trying to sound like a jerk you guys, nor am I saying I’ve got all things figured out. I am saying that a little common sense does clear up a lot of these issues. Sadly, many are not exercising any of it.

Where do the measures end? Is there an end to this madness? We live in a fallen world. This world is full of sickness and diseases. There are risks everyday living in it. And the truth is this is all about fear. Ask yourself, why all of sudden are we going to the these irrational measures and precautions right now? Why now? Why haven’t we done them for the last 20yrs? Thousands of people die from viral infections everyday. The flu killed around 70,000 people last year. People get sick. People die from getting sick. It’s the way it is. Trying to redesign how we do life in these forms is not wise, it’s actually sad and very disturbing. It’s sad on the level that people are willing to invest thousands of dollars on meaningless things in order to “feel more safe.” And it’s disturbing that people are just willing to give up all their liberties to feel comfort. People try to escape death. They try to push dealing with death out of their minds. But they can’t. You can do every one of these things to preserve yourself from a virus and get killed in a car accident. We have a wicked government you guys. They are not looking out for our best interest...they’re not. These things are formats they’re using in order to change the way we live. They want your allegiance. They want your submission. They want your children. God expects more from His people, not from those of the world who simply follow its customs. If you’re a professing Christian, please stop being persuaded by the ideologies of the world that are subtly seeking to cause harm. Rather be a voice against them. Comfortable Christianity is coming to a close. I believe in the very near future we are going to know what Jesus meant by saying “count the cost.” I pray we have the courage to stand firm.'

-Keith Tankersley

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  1. this blog is so neccessary my husband and i have been trying to tell people this very thing however your post here will reach many more people May our Lord bless you abundantly and thank you post more please you will reach people

  2. I 💯 percent agree with you. Watching Peggy Hall and Vernon Coleman help me to stand strong against masks, but it feels like we are losing. I've won several battles, but now I'm avoiding going out at all, except to walk. I'm counting American flags and I think the silent majority will ultimately win, and then maybe this nonsense will stop. X22 report is very encouraging. I'm proud of churches that are open and don't enforce masks. If you want to, fine, but don't force on me. Contact and they will help Christians homeschool in their state. You wrote all I was thinking. God bless! Janine

  3. I agree with what you have said. May God Bless You and our Country.

  4. He brought up great points. Glad to hear someone else say it. This is what we talk about in our home almost daily.

  5. I ventured out grocery shopping early this morning and no one harassed me for not having a face covering at Ralph's in CA. I felt like a criminal, but I have the law on my side. I carry it with me just in case someone actually asks. Ralph's/Kroger, Walmart,CVS, Lowe's and home Depot are generally safe from harassment.


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