Friday, December 4, 2020

Testimony of a Nurse

Before I take a break, I promised I would share my story. Forgive this lengthy post. This information is to empower you. This was me in the 90's. The first time I graduated nursing school. My resume is long & quite unnecessary, but to sum up my experience, it began with acute/medical floor nursing, ICU/ED, two more graduations from school & extensive supervisory experience. Shortly after this photo, I took a position as a new nurse at one of the largest teaching hospitals in NY. Most of my patients at that time were AIDS patients. I saw all the diagnoses. I saw the "disease" ravage the body. I saw all the death. I didn't have a need to question anything...until I did. Years later, I not only learned about the PCR test used to diagnose HIV & how it was never meant to diagnose any viral infection, hence the astronomical false-positive rates, but it was not even HIV/AIDS that was responsible for killing these patients. It was the deathly cocktails of pharmaceuticals, including AZT, an old chemotherapy drug that was shelved because it was killing so many, yet resurrected in this population of patients for "treatment". It was a true crime against humanity & a public scandal that had none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci at the helm with his heavy pharmaceutical ties. We are seeing a repeat of this right now with the unicorn virus, CV *19, that has never been purified or isolated & people are being tested with the infamous PCR test to confirm "diagnosis".

Back then, no one was concerned about your vaccination status working in the hospital. As a matter of fact, when the flu shot was offered, we all joked about it & turned it down because we knew it was ineffective. People weren't dying of the "flu" at that time. It hadn't been made into a THING yet. When we declined the vaccine, no one called us "anti-vaxxers". We simply had the choice & it was respected. I knew many brilliant physicians who didn't even vaccinate their own families. Again, a respected choice, as the narrative then was vaccination was for YOUR protection. I watched as Obamacare came into play & institutions were told that 90% of healthcare workers were required to be vaccinated with the deadly flu shot (the highest compensated vaccine for death/injury) or they wouldn't receive their Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement money. Essentially, if you were a healthcare worker, you were forced to take the deathly flu jab or be forced to wear a mask for months. At this time, I, like many others, decided to leave acute care, thinking I could outrun this mandated nightmare, having no idea what the real future agenda for the world was: FORCED MASS VACCINATION. 

I watched as the vaccine narrative became weaponized. At one time, receiving a vaccine was marketed for YOUR protection. Then it became: Everyone must be vaccinated to protect each other. Cue in the false 'herd immunity' concept, which was never intended to be applied to toxic vaccines. Healthcare, overall, has become weaponized. True informed consent, whatever did exist at one time, no longer does today. Right when you enter the emergency room of a hospital, you are immediately asked about your vaccination status. If you are not "caught up", they will happily check the box on the intake screen to get you there. Never mind the NCVIA of 1986, in which all vaccine companies were no longer held liable for vaccine death & injury because their poison shots were killing so many that bankruptcy was imminent. No, you're not allowed to know that. Instead of cleaning up their toxic vaccine products, they were given full immunity. WE THE PEOPLE now fund vaccine injury/death via the taxes placed on vaccines. We essentially pay to poison ourselves. Isn't that grand? 

I took care of patients with Stevens-Johnsons syndrome, where their skin was literally sloughing off & they were essentially burning from the inside out. Cause: toxic seizure medications. You have to ask yourself what kind of world are we living in when the treatment for an ailment is more deadly than the affliction? You're not allowed to know that Cannabis heals & has been an effective treatment for seizure activity for years. Not only does the pharma cartel demonize Cannabis, they deny all access to it through legislation. 

Over the years, I took care of Cancer patients, watching Chemotherapy (mustard gas) & burning radiation destroy the human body, killing many. If you survive this barbaric treatment, you are labeled a cancer survivor. In essence, you have survived systemic poisoning, which is why these patients have a greater likelihood of cancer returning & have a much shorter life span. You are not allowed to know about the Cancer Act of 1939, which demonizes true, natural healing methods.

I watched the rise & abuse of narcotics when "pain" was added to our physical assessments. If the patient complained of pain, it HAD to be treated, regardless if there was any true merit. Pain was subjective. I saw more opioid prescriptions written at that time for the most nonsensical complaints. Years later, we saw the ramifications of that as substance abuse admissions skyrocketed. I was actually tasked with running a program trying to accommodate beds for our community because our need far outweighed the availability of resources. 

I saw the use of computers/technology take over the healthcare sector, promising us better communication between providers & the easement of services. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Providers not only became more complacent & dumbed down as they were literally Googling how to care for patients, but true human interaction & communication became non-existant. Technology has also weaponized healthcare, as tracking your vaccine status, medications & procedures has become the sole focus. 

I watched my own daughter, years later, almost die from a flu shot that was forced upon her for nursing school. She went into anaphylactic shock & was subsequently paralyzed on her right side from head to toe for months. Many hours of pain..many days it took to heal. Thank God she did! If people only knew the ingredients in vaccines, they would never vaccinate again. Not in any sane world does an injection of dog kidney cells, aborted fetal DNA, mercury, aluminum, Polysorbate 80 & Formaldehyde make you healthy. 

This post will never encompass the years of unnecessary death & devastation I have witnessed over the span of my career. I look at the newer nurses today regurgitating what they have learned in school, comparing how different it was from my time. I'm not angry with them. I'm sad. I recognize the engineering that has taken place. The PHARMA CARTEL: You attend their schools, you perform their tests in practice & you promote their pharmaceutical products. You're not allowed to know or believe anything different. I watched the narrative change for many years, only some of us question. We don't just go along. The stark realization that you can't poison people back to health is what became painfully obvious to me. Healthcare is a FRAUD from top to bottom. Emergency care is the only time you should seek treatment. Thank God for the amazing, gifted souls who are skilled in this area. And this is why many are duped into believing this Allopathic, Rockefeller death cult of modern medicine is viable. It does have great points. But "medicine", itself, is pure poison. Every toxic petrochemical pharmaceutical & vaccine does more harm than good. If you don't understand how John D. Rockefeller monopolized the pharmaceutical industry in the early 20th century, you will never understand how we arrived here today.....

~A Diane Muscato

Note:  I have not watched the below links that she's posted, but I wanted to post them here so you can check them out if you wish to.

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  1. -I've known this all along we only use homepathy (natural) medicines if it doesn't cure then forget regular medicine My husband and i are so healthy the drs. didn't need to see us anymore i cheer and thank God almighty I am so healthy as are our animals YES we are Blessed. loved the above article. please more articles like this one

  2. Thank you SO much for ALL of this information. It is something that we talk about all the time so it's good to have this to draw from and learn from. I pray and hope that MANY people see this! Thank you again.

  3. This is really and amazing and informative story. Thank you for sharing!

  4. This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing this. More people need to be aware of this indeed.


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