Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A Wise Young Man

A young man I know was recently telling me of a wife who was going to work against her husband's wishes.  We were discussing praying for that family in that situation, but this boy, who is entering into his young manhood, wisely observed a couple of things.  

He said, "I don't even understand why women go to work when their husbands work anyways.  Whenever I see women working at their jobs, they always seem so stressed out, but not so with the men--they are mostly cheerful."

How observant is this!  He is being so honest about the state of most women today--trying to fill a role they were never meant to fill, and taking upon them Adam's curse (Genesis 3:17) and also his duty to provide.  It goes against a woman's nature to provide, unless she is in a true emergency situation, such as the death of her husband when no one is providing for her (by the way, the Bible prescribes a remedy for this as well).

I hope no one steals this young man's astute understanding away, and that he will always trust in what God's Word says, including the roles of men and women.

Also, I pray that more Christian women will return home to where they belong, guarding, guiding, and keeping the home, as the Bible prescribes.  The world is in a dire situation, and a great deal of it is because Christian women have abandoned the home.

If you know of some good blogs that encourage women to be keepers at home (along with other Biblical things), would you leave them in the comments below?  I'm sure we all could use some encouragement.

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