Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Meek and Quiet Spirit

Are you doing everything you can to have a meek and quiet spirit?  Are you truly being your husband's help meet, or do you expect him to cater to you?

I am not writing this to women who are in abusive situations.

As women, it is easy for some of us to become selfish and demanding in day to day life.  We need to examine ourselves and see if we are seeking our husband's good instead of pursuing our own interests.  If we have concerns, there are times to bring them up, if we can do that while keeping a meek and quiet spirit, and also knowing it is of utmost importance.

If we have husbands that so generously want to please us, we may get into the bad habit of being demanding, instead of keeping a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price (1 Peter 3:4).  We can wear our husbands out with our good intentions of pointing out every little thing to them that we think needs fixing or changing.

Instead, we need to have a view to respect, admire, appreciate, and accept our husbands, just as they are.  Then they can feel free to be themselves around us, and know that we support them like no one else does!  (Of course, we never support or submit to sin, but we should never have a self-righteous attitude about it either.)

Prayer is a wonderful thing as we take our concerns to the Lord Who knows all, and certainly knows better than we.

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  1. Hello, I think this is something we need to consider often as it is easy to become lacking in any area that requires us to not be selfish. Because it is in our nature. But when we read a sweet reminder we can pray and get back on track! I still read books that help me to be a better wife, they are worn and pages falling out, but we are still happily married HUGS, Roxy

    1. I agree, we have to consider this often, as it is easy to slip back into old habits of selfishness. I still read books that help me be a better wife as well. There is always more sanctifying work the Lord needs to do in us.


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