Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Shiny Sink

Have you ever used FlyLady? If you have trouble keeping up with all the things there are to keeping your home, you might want to go on over to One of the first things she will have you do is "shine your sink". Basically this means to give it a good cleaning, and then keep it clean! This means no piling dirty dishes in the sink. The only exception would be if you were putting them there to soak while you enjoy a meal with your family. Otherwise, keep them out! To keep your sink sparkling clean, you are supposed to wipe it down in some way every day. I wipe mine down with a homemade all-purpose cleaner every night after I wash the dishes (for the last time). A shiny kitchen sink is so important because it encourages you to keep the rest of the kitchen clean, and the rest of your home! I wanted to share some pictures of clean kitchen sinks to inspire you (& me!) to keep the dirty dishes out of there & washed. I hope you enjoy this.

Kitchen Sink, Window Treatment and Three Vases
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Kitchen Sink and Window Treatment
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Collander of Apples in the Sink
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Kitchen Scene with Sink

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Kitchen Counter and Double Sinks
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Dirty Dishes in Kitchen Sink
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The exception---soaking while enjoying your meal!!!

Kitchen Sink Showing Pots, Pans, Plates and Other Utensils

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What you DON'T want your kitchen sink to look like!

So what do you think? Does this inspire you to keep dishes out of your sink & keep it clean? How is your sink right now? Dirty? Clean? Well, excuse me, but I'm going to go check & make sure my shink is shiny!


  1. Very interesting post. Looking forward to following your blog

  2. I do enjoy your Blog very much, as you touch upon many topics I'd like to know more about. Came here today looking for inspiration for new year organizing, and see that you have lots to help me!
    God bless,

  3. HomeQueen, thank you for your visit. So glad I could be helpful to you.

    Many blessings,
    Mrs. Q


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