Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I am going to be working more on cleaning out our little boy's room. Soon baby sister will have outgrown her bassinet, so she will be moved to her crib! I will miss her sleeping beside me in the night, but alas, she is a chubby little girl & has almost reached her weight limit for the bassinet. Temporarily, Little Boy is going to be rooming with 3 of his sisters. Our oldest will be in his old room with the new baby, while Babe adjusts to being in her own room. She is not sleeping through the night yet, so we thought her waking up might really bother our 2 year-old-boy--he might start crying when she does :) I keep kind of a different schedule during the week because of my husband's work schedule--I don't take Saturdays & Sundays "off" (not that I take any days off, ha ha!)

We are going to be squeezing in a set of bunk beds into his room (which will still be his when he moves back in). We also have the crib, a changing table, a bookcase, & a freezer in there. It will be a tight squeeze! Our home is not so big by today's standards, but (okay, I just found a spider crawling on my nursing pillow--not nice!!! Thankfully it was a small one...) many people have & still do live in smaller spaces. We are spoiled in this country. One day God may move us into a bigger house, but for now, we are here & blessed to have a roof over our heads and four walls sheltering us from the elements. Thank you, Lord.

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