Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Charity for Children


Today was an extremely busy day. I had to go to the doctor again, which was no fun for me. I actually hate going out & would so much rather be home! My husband also wanted me to be able to go by myself so my mother watched the children for me since Husband had to go to work. I really don't like to be without my children and was glad to be back home! I fainted at the doctor's office, but that is an entirely long & dreadful story.

This morning as I was hurrying about I was able to put several items curbside to be picked up for donation to a local organization. Whenever I tell the children these people are coming they are quick to gather several toys they no longer have need of. I am so thankful for this because then we have less clutter & some other dear children will have toys! This time I had to tell them to look for things to give away that they no longer use. Before they have just gone around picking out things they thought the children would like to have, even if they still played with them a lot. I think it is okay that I instructed them this way. That way they still have their often-used items & the children also receive some toys. I am grateful to God that our children have giving hearts. They always want me to take a picture of the things we are giving away, but this time I wasn't able to. So sorry, dears! They were okay though :)

Hope to get much more done around here tomorrow.


  1. loved this!- you fainted?!!!! are you all right?!!!

  2. So sorry you are not feeling well.I,also would rather be home. After I go out I don't have the energy to come home and do my home-making jobs.

  3. Tami~I am okay~just skinned up my shins a bit, but they are feeling a lot better today.

    Linda~I know what you mean! When I go out it wears me out too.

  4. I also like staying home. I hate going to the Dr's. I once fainted because I forgot to breathe when I was getting blood

    I am scheduled for a donation tomorrow. I much prefer cleaning an uncluttered home. You are so blessed to have such giving children.

    God bless you!

  5. I think I fainted when I gave blood in high school, but it was so long ago I can't really remember now!

    Thanks, I really am blessed!


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