Sunday, September 19, 2010

Help for Nursing Moms

Making Coconut Shavings with a Vegetable Peeler

I am nursing my 6th child, and have noticed she has started waking again during the night. She just turned 5 months old, and is a big baby! I have not taken her to the doctor for awhile, but she is probably reaching towards 20 pounds. Maybe less, but she is a big girl :) Normally she does fine--she has been sleeping through the night for a while now--I do not force this, but it comes along naturally with my babies as I keep them on a flexible routine during the day. Lately I have not taken my coconut oil, which may be what's causing her to wake up again. As mothers, we are busy, taking care of babies along with our household chores & possibly other children. Lots of times we don't get as much rest as we need to or get in all the good, nutritious foods we need.

I wanted to share what helps me still keep healthy, rich milk for my baby. I take coconut oil. It is a healthy, wonderful oil with too many health benefits for me to describe here, & it will make your milk more nutritious too. I usually take 3 tablespoons a day, but you really only need to take 2. Make sure you get virgin coconut oil. It should smell like coconut & be pure white when solid, clear when liquid. (It will also say "virgin coconut oil" on the jar). I do not mind the taste at all, & just follow it with some water. Please know this is not to say that what we eat does not matter. It is very important to incorporate as much healthy food as you can into your diet while avoiding unhealthy foods, and the coconut oil is part of that. I do as much as I can do with our budget and the time I have available. If you are lacking in something, whether it be time or money, remember to pray & ask God to supply your needs. He is a great provider especially when your heart is in the right place.

To read more on a healthy diet for pregnant & nursing mothers, go here.

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  1. Hello! I am stopping by from the Raising Homemakers link-up. Thank you for this post. I am nursing my first child right now. She is 19 weeks and though she is not a big baby like yours, she also has just started waking in the night after a few months of sleeping through the night. I keep hearing from so many friends about the benefits of virgin coconut oil. I know one family that cooks and bakes with it daily. I will have to try this. Does it come in solid form and you heat it on the stove then drink it or what?

  2. Thanks for the reminder! I'm nursing, and completely out of energy lately. I need to start taking coconut oil again!

  3. Hello & you're welcome!

    Jaime-the coconut oil has a high melting point--so you will see it in its solid form when it is not too warm. I forget the temperature it melts at. But in the summer or warmer temperatures, it will be liquid all on its own.

    You do not HAVE to melt it to take it by the spoonful; I just find it easier to take when it's melted. And yes, you could just melt it on the stove top (it won't take much). Just don't microwave it because you'll kill everything that's good in it :)
    I hope it helps!

    You can also use it in your cooking & baking, which I also do for certain things, but I like to take it by the spoonful to ensure I'm getting enough.

    God bless!

  4. Ok great. Thank you so much for the information!

  5. Hi! What time of flexible routine do you follow with your babies? I'm going to my 5th and none of my first four kiddos so far slept through the night that early. I do breastfeed exclusively and also take coconut oil to help with my adrenals. I would love to learn about the routine. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Sophie--I would feed them on a sort of consistent basis--around every 3 hours or so, depending on age (more like 2 for newborns). And if they cried before then, I would evaluate if they needed something other than food (like a nap, or to be held, etc). I also kept them up after nursing during the day, for a little bit, so they got used to being awake during the day instead of being awake all night :)


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