Saturday, January 29, 2011

Houseplant Care

Do you have houseplants?  We have a couple, but would like to get more.  They help to keep our air healthy.  Here is an online site to help you learn about caring for your houseplants.

You can search for your tropical house plants in different ways;
  • Using the house plant image gallery to do a visual search.
  • Or use the house plant list to do an alphabetic search.
  • Or again use the search field to look for the Latin name, English or French common names. You can also use keywords such as; the colors of the foliage or flower.

Close-Up of a Houseplant Hanging (Ficus Pumila)

Hanging Houseplant

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  1. we have lots of house plants I love it, and it's a good teaching tool for the kiddos!

  2. I love having houseplants to help with the air. I don't have any at the moment! :o( My mom's whole house is full of plants though! I need to get some new ones! ;o)


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