Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Some Sleep :)

I am up nursing the baby for the last time today.  She is snuggled up, sleepy-head, and I wish I was in bed!  But no, I love this time with my babies.  It is all gone too quickly.  I have already set our clocks ahead, knowing that the morning will come too early.  Instead of rising at 5:30, I know my body will think it is 4:30, and I will not want to get up!  But I must be up to cook Husband's breakfast before he goes to work.

Table Decoration of Red Roses in Glasses

Table Decoration of Red Roses in Glasses

Today went all too quickly.  I spent way too much time trying to decide what to get with my CSN gift code.  I compared prices, read product reviews, and contemplated what I should obtain wisely. There are way too many things I would like for my kitchen!  If I had been given more to spend, I would have had no problem purchasing more things for cooking and baking.  Some of the things I was looking at were an ice cream maker, a waffle iron, and bread and muffin pans.  What did I finally get, you ask?  Well you will have to wait and see! I will let you know after I've received my things and used them.

Today I mixed up some disinfectant cleaner made from water, Castile soap, and tea tree oil.  Cherished of God used this to clean the bathrooms and used a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the mirrors.  Normally I do the bathroom cleaning, but today I really needed her help.  She did an excellent job!  She even asked to get a cotton swab to clean around the faucet handles.  I think she will make a fine homemaker.  I can only hope, and pray.  We need to keep that in our minds throughout the day---some day these little ones will be grown up and will live out what we have taught them--whether we have modeled a good attitude or bad, a cheerful heart that blesses or a grumbling heart that complains.

Tomorrow we will have a little celebration.  Our only little boy will be turning 3 soon, and we will have grandparent guests, presents, and gingerbread.  Husband asked our boy, God's Gift, what he would like for his birthday, and he said plainly, "Gingerbread".  Husband asked him if he would also like some cookies, but still the answer was, "Gingerbread" (complete with little boy laughter).  (Husband really wanted cookies himself; I think I will have to make Husband some cookies).  So Momma will make gingerbread for the little boy.  The funny thing is, the first two times I made gingerbread from Nourishing Traditions, I unknowingly put baking soda in it when I was supposed to use baking powder instead. I had assumed it called for baking soda like most of the other recipes in the book.  The third time I followed the recipe exactly and used baking powder, but we did not think it tasted right at all!  So now instead of baking powder, I use baking soda every time when I make gingerbread.  It comes out especially dark, and everyone is especially happy :)

Molasses Cookies and Gingerbread at a Continental Army Camp Reenactment, Yorktown Battlefield

Molasses Cookies and Gingerbread at a Continental Army Camp Reenactment, Yorktown Battlefield

Well I am so very tired, and must try to get some sleep now.  I hope you all get more sleep than I will!


Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see what you got!!!

Miss Linda said...

Dear Mrs. Q, I'm so sorry you did not get as much sleep as you should last night, but I hope you will not be too tired today. It sounds like you will have a wonderful time celebrating your son's third birthday and I pray it will be a special time of fellowship and love. May God be there among you! :)

Don and Shelly said...

Mrs. Q, bless your heart! Your husband and children should praise you openly for your heart that is turned to home!!

Did you ever get the chance to read the other posts of the love story on our blog? We just put up part 5 yesterday. We know you're certainly busy enough but if you get a chance to read the entire thing we'd love to know your thoughts.


Mrs. Stam said...

Sleep, oh my long lost friend, we will one day be reunited, but for now, long nursing session in the middle on the night, no more day time naps, please can somebody hand me a coffee and a Beatrix Potter book, it's story time and my eyes are heavy hehe!

I understand, baby will be a toddler soon and night will get longer, enjoy these sweet sleepless moments :-)