Monday, May 16, 2011

Bad Dreams

Mother and Child

This morning Cherished of God (9) told me she had a bad dream.  She dreamed that I, her mother, died.  All day long she quietly came up to me to give me more details...quietly so she would not horrify her younger sisters with her nightmare.

Poor dear had been crying after her dream because she thought it was real.  She explained that was why she was tired today; because she had been crying from her dream.

She dreamed that a part of my womb fell out.  It was on a Mother's Day, and Creative (7) gave me the part of my womb for a present.  Cherished of God told her she couldn't give that to me for a present!  But I had assured them that I would be okay, with the part of my missing womb.

We were playing outside.  I was standing in the back yard over by where the black widows are in our yard.  Then I fell over, and died.

It scares me too!  This is my nightmare, too, that I would not be here to take care of my children, when they need taking care of.

But oh, I am here.  I am here, and I am going to take such good care of my children, my blessings.

Love, love, love.


Don and Shelly said...

Mrs. Q, this is a nightmare that we've all contimplated at one time or another. God willing, may we all be there to see our grandchildren... plus!

Miss Linda said...

Oh goodness, what a frightening dream for a little one to have about their mother! I hope the dreams are a bit more pleasant from this point forward. Poor little one!

Blessed Homemaking said...

Yes, Lord willing, Shelly! I don't want to miss out on that!

Yes, it was frightening, Miss Linda. Poor dear :(

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Q,

Oh dear! That truly is a nightmare! I hope that your daughter has recovered from such a horrible dream.

-L. Rose

Blessed Homemaking said...

It was, Lady Rose! She is doing much better now, thank you.