Saturday, May 28, 2011

The BAD Organic Food

Hello Dears,

I am still nursing sick children and still feeling a little under-the-weather myself.  It seems we are passing around two different sicknesses, one from church and the other from Husband's work.  Although Creative is almost pain-free now from her ear infections, our Boy and Guided by Faith developed ear infections too yesterday.  The little boy is feeling much better today after spending most of yesterday crying.  We did get some good snuggle time though which was nice.  Sometimes it still amazes me how a child in so much pain and tears can be sweetly comforted to silence by just the embrace of his mother.  Isn't that amazing?

I put some homemade garlic oil in the ears of our two newest ear infection sufferers, and it has thankfully helped immensely.  The Boy seems so much better and has not been crying at all today.  Guided by Faith only had one ear infection yesterday but today woke up with one in the other ear too.  It is quite strange, as this is the first ear infection for our little boy (and he is 3), and Guided by Faith has never had one either unless she had one as a baby (I can't remember).  Perhaps I have not been feeding them healthfully enough lately.

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This brings me to the topic of today's post.  Organic food.  Maybe you have read about the dangers of pesticides in our food and have been striving to change your family's diet to include more organic foods.  Well, I just wanted to mention that not all foods labeled "organic" at the store are healthy for you.  If it is processed, it most likely is not.  Our best way to feed our families is always homemade, but there are some common misconceptions about foods sold in health food stores.  Not all are even remotely healthy for you (and can even be harmful)!

Some of these foods are Protein Powder, Soy Milk, Organic Canned Soups, Fish Oil Supplements, and the ever-growing-more-popular Gluten Free Foods.  Some of you may be shocked right about now, but instead of hiding your head in the sand, I encourage you to go read this post over at The Healthy Home Economist where a thorough explanation is given for why these foods are NOT healthy and what to make and use instead.  If you are clueless about traditional foods, I encourage you to pick up a copy of Nourishing Traditions 
and also visit for lots of good information and healthy recipes.

God bless your day.


  1. Thank's for all these link! I will read it for sure :o) (sorry if my English is poor, I'm a French Canadian person)

  2. Thank you, Shelly! I will have to check out those videos when I have time :)
    You are welcome, ThePoule, and your English is pretty good :) I appreciate your visit.

  3. I have a copy of "Nourishing Traditions" at home and try to cook everything from scratch. There are still things I'd like to change in my family's eating habits but I just pray and try to do what I can.

    Thanks for the links. :)

  4. I love that book! It is a lot to take in though all at once, and I, like you still have things I would like to change. I believe we should do what we are able and pray for the rest. God is good!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I just had this conversation with someone and was happy to find your post with more helpful info. on this topic :)


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