Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mother's Tone

Hello Dear Mothers,

How do you speak to your children?  Are you harsh in your mannerisms?  Do you even yell at your children?  Now there is a time for yelling.  It is when someone is too far away to hear a normal tone of voice.  It can also be in urgency.  But to speak this way day-to-day--it should not be so.

Christ Blessing Little Children

Mothers need to exemplify a calm, quiet tone to their children.  Directions can be given without being rude, harsh, and disrespectful.  Discipline can be administered without yelling and fits.  Yes, some days it is hard when you have not had enough sleep or when your hormones are not cooperating.  But just take a step back and ask the Lord Jesus to help you, and then, believe that He will.   You have to have faith that He will make you into the Momma He wants you to be.  If you are His, then He will make you more like Him.

If you have messed up, ask the Lord to forgive you.  Then ask your children.  Tell them Momma shouldn't yell at them like that, that you are sorry, and that God is going to give you the strength to do better.

Things to help tame your tongue:
  • Do your best to get enough rest each night.  Are you going to bed too late?  Make an earlier bedtime and make it a priority to stick to it.  It is always easier to be "nice" when you've had enough sleep.
  • Never skip your time alone with the Lord.  He is going to teach you in His Word how to do the things He wants you to do.  Also spend time in prayer each day.
  • Take the time to look up, and then memorize verses on anger and the power of the tongue.  There are many Scriptures that speak of how damaging our words can be.
  • Stay away from processed foods as much as possible.  These foods have chemicals that disrupt your natural hormones and how your body functions.  The foods God made will best suit your body and help it work properly (including your mind).
Remember that the little ones are watching us.  They are picking up on what we do and may very well treat your grandchildren the same way you treat them.  Try to imagine Jesus the Savior there with you as you train your children, give them directions, and speak to them...Would He be pleased with how you are treating His blessings?  Well, He is there, every second of every day!  Don't forget to stop and remember that, and ask Him for help when you need it.  He will surely give it.
    Many blessings.


    1. So true, Mrs Q!
      We need to curb the tongue and teach restraint to our little ones.
      Your point about getting enough rest is very good.
      Nothing frazzles the nerves like sleep deprivation!
      Thanks for the great reminder.
      love and blessings..Trish

    2. I am a yeller. There I admitted it. My father yelled at me growing up and I guess I just took the role now. I hate it! I am sick of it! I don't know how to stop it! I cry to God all the time for help. But I just can't quit! I see my children doing the same mannerisms as me now. I am always asking my children to forgive me. I fear for God casting me away because of this. Please pray for me.

    3. thank you so very much for this great post!!!! I know being tired is a trigger for me to be less then patient with my love one and have to say "sorry, and please forgive me" many time...

      I now that the first trimester tiredness wont last forever... but I need to pray more, pray for more patient when I don't fell well, no so much morning sickness but just general fatigue!!!!

      Oh yes, we are expecting baby #4 what a great blessing!

    4. This is a very encouraging and good message for Mothers, but the tips that you gave at the end are also good advice for all women. We need to always be careful with how we speak not only to our children, but to our husbands and others who we might come into contact with on a regular basis.


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