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Natural Remedy for Ear Infections

If you haven't heard already, the dangers of antibiotics are very high.  While they can be a blessing in emergency situations, the overuse of antibiotics has led to "super-bugs"--viruses that cannot be killed even with the strongest antibiotics.  Antibiotics also kill off the good bacteria you naturally have in your body, which can lead to many problems, including candida overgrowth.

The Sick Child
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If you have a child who has an ear infection (or you have one yourself), you don't have to rush him or her to the doctor.  God has given us natural "antibiotics" to help in times of illness.  Two of these things are garlic and coconut oil.

To treat the ear infection:
  • Crush a fresh clove of garlic and mix it with a little coconut oil and let this sit for several minutes.
  • Put several drops of this "garlic oil" into the ear canal with an eye dropper (the person with the affected ear will need to lie on his side or tilt the head when this is done so the oil doesn't drain out).
  • The person should stay on his side for a few minutes and also open and close his mouth and move his jaw around--this will help work the oil down the ear canal.
  • Stuff a small piece of cotton into the ear to prevent the oil from leaking out.
  • You may keep the cotton in for as little as 15-30 minutes, or leave the cotton in all day if you feel it is necessary.  You may use more garlic oil in the ear several times a day if you wish.
  • To attack the infection internally, the infected person should eat at least 3 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day.
*If you suspect a punctured eardrum, do not use this method.

I got rid of our child's ear infection in one day by putting the garlic oil in the ears once and leaving the cotton in all day, along with taking coconut oil internally as mentioned.  Make sure you use coconut oil that is labeled virgin or extra virgin.  Other oils have been highly processed and do not have the beneficial elements that virgin coconut oil has.  Coconut oil should taste and smell like coconut, and be white when solid, clear when liquid.

Recommended Resource:

This book has been helpful to me for many ailments.  It not only explains all the amazing things that coconut can do, it has a handy section in the back with all sorts of ailments listed in alphabetical order and how you can naturally treat them with the aid of coconut oil.

I am not a doctor, just a mommy :)  I also have not used this on a baby, though it would certainly not hurt an infant.  If your doctor advises you to take in a young baby who has an ear infection, you should probably do so.

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I hope this helps.


  1. When my son was a baby he kept ear infections. He had them every other month it seemed. My parents told me to put sweet oil in his ear to allow for drainage. I finally tried it and was amazed at the results. It worked!! The sweet oil cost under a dollar and worked better than any medication.
    We should listen to the older generation, sometimes they have the best home remedies.

  2. We've kicked ear infections with colloidal silver, have you ever used it? Sovereign Silver is my favorite brand. I wish I wasn't on my phone or I'd send you a link. Thanks for this post, will try it the next time we have an ear issue!

  3. Becky, as far as I know, colloidal silver can be dangerous and we avoid it. See this page

    Anonymous~I believe "sweet oil" is just like olive oil or something? I have tried that before, but the coconut oil made into garlic oil plus the coconut oil taken internally really made it go away like nothing else. Amazing stuff.


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