Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Winner of My Audio School Giveaway

Hello everyone,

I apologize for my absence.  We have unexpectedly been without internet since early Friday morning.  I was supposed to announce the winner of the My Audio School giveaway, and picked comment #2, which was made by

Jill Farris!

who has been contacted about her exciting prize!

Thanks for stopping by.


Jill Farris said...

This is a very late THANK YOU for this wonderful prize! I am so excited to begin using this in our home this summer. I speak and write about neurodevelopmental ways to stimulate the brain and auditory learning is a really important part of doing that. We live in such a visual society today that we have lost the ability to concentrate and listen....auditory learning/stimulation actually helps people with ADD type symptoms! So thank you, again!

Jill Farris

Blessed Homemaking said...

You are so welcome, Jill! Glad it was helpful!