Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Christian Home

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"Christianity makes a home — a Heaven! A Christian home where all is love and tenderness and devotion — is the sweetest and most sacred spot on earth! A home where Christianity is crowned a queen in every heart — is an Eden. The heart of God is filled with delight as He looks down upon such a home! His presence dwells there, and causes this home to be a beautiful oasis in this wilderness world of sin."
- Charles Orr

Oh, what a blessing to have an oasis from this sin-sick world!  Are you making your home a place to bless your family?  Do you try to make it a little piece of heaven on earth?  A pleasant mood and cheerfulness in your duties will help to make a refuge in your home for your husband and children to dwell.  Welcome home your husband with a big hug and kiss.  Tidy up before he comes home...your house, yourself, and the children.  Fill your home with songs of praise to God, lifting up a thankful heart to your Creator above.

Nobody can take away the song in your heart that is praise to our God.

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  1. I agree Mrs.Q. We must set the tone for our home and show our children and husband we know how blessed we are. We must show our husband how much we appreicate his hard work by doing our best to have him come home to a warm and peaceful home. Linda


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