Friday, November 18, 2011

Some Things for the Home

Some times it is nice to get some new ideas for your home.  I like to look at pictures online of beautiful homes and rooms to get inspiration to decorate, clean and organize.   I think it is nice to see what other people are doing, as long as we don't try to keep a picture-perfect home, but make it our goal to make everyone comfortable in a clean, restful place.

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Some times we can find things to make our home more beautiful, or items in our home more beautiful or functional.  Now I don't think a TV is a very pretty thing, but has some 65 inch TV stands  to suit every taste.  I especially like the Kincaid Furniture 96-036 Tuscano Inch Entertainment Console TV Stand for its warm brown wood and pretty knobs.

Or how about a broom closet cabinet or a broom closet organizer?  These provide convenient and helpful ways to store your brooms and other cleaning materials, or whatever else you like.  It seems to me that in some of the old homemaking books describing the house, homemakers used to have storage areas like this to keep their household "tools" in.  I would really appreciate something like this, as our current "storage" solution for our brooms leaves them to easily fall over and become bent very effortlessly.

What interesting things have you seen lately for the home?

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Happy homemaking ♥


  1. Dearest Mrs. Q,
    Wonderful post. I love these multi shoe compartments from Target. Super easy to put together and you can sit it on top of a set of drawers in your closet. It is the best way to organize shoes and small handbags.


  2. I think I know what you're talking about, Jenny May. Thank you for your visit ♥


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