Friday, November 18, 2011

When the Homemaker Needs Some Assistance

Sometimes there are jobs to do around the home that you may not have the proper tools for, or the ability to do.  Some of these tasks may include hardwood floor refinishing, air duct cleaning, flood, smoke, and fire restoration, drapery cleaning, and oriental rug cleaning.   I would hate to experience a flood or damage to our home from fire or smoke, but I am glad that there are companies who can help in these times.

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If you are in the Austin area, you can get Chinese rug cleaning done with great care.  The Steam Team also offers all of the other services I mentioned, plus several more.   The Steam Team offers carpet, upholstery, and leather cleaning, as well as marble polishing.  You may go to their website at to see all of the operations they offer and great, detailed descriptions of how they perform each of their services.  Do you see the beautiful oriental rugs and draperies in the above picture?  What an elegant and pleasant room!  I can imagine relaxing in it with a good book.

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  1. We bought ourselves a steam cleaner for the carpets so we didn't need to hire anyone to do it for us. My husband qutie enjoys using it so once every so often he does all the carpets and rugs. It gives the house a nice clean smell and certainly cleans the carpets well.

    I have heavy drapes in my living area which I couldn't and wouldn't wash myself and someday I will need to get some to clean them for me.

  2. That is nice to have your own steam cleaner. I would love to have some pretty curtains but for now have blinds. Hopefully I will be able to sew some curtains when I get better at sewing!

  3. I believe you have mentioned some very interesting points, appreciate it for the post.


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