Friday, June 29, 2012

For Mother's Day

This comes a bit late, but I wanted to share some pictures from Mother's Day.  This year my dear children decided to grow many things for me, in an effort to help provide food that we need!  They are so dear and thoughtful (and industrious!)

Here I was, waiting with eyes, shut, while my children brought in my gifts.  You can see the various growing things!

 One darling little girl looks on....

This is a planter with sunflower seeds beginning to sprout.

And another...

A lovely Mother's Day sign made by one of my daughters

She also made some more lovely flower pictures and hung them up around the house.

They also made me some beautiful books with pretty pictures.

Of course Mommy must have chocolate...

They also made me a chocolate cake for Mother's Day and put in 11 candles (for as many years I've been a mother), and sang "Happy Mother's Day" to me.

 I am blessed to be a mother!

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  1. what wonderful gifts! i also received plants but i am afraid the heat has already killed them :(. breaks my heart since my 2 precious boys gave them to me.

  2. Being a mother is very special indeed. Your children certainly spent a lot of time putting together your gifts :)


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