Friday, July 13, 2012

Homemaking 101 Video (a Review)

Being a devoted homemaker and blogger, I have been blessed to review a wonderful homemaking video to share with you about!  This video is Homemaking 101, and features Jennifer Ross and her family.  Jennifer blogs at Renewing Housewives, where she provides encouragement and inspiration for Christian homemakers.

Now, though my dear mother was a stay at home for much of my life and even had a degree in Home Ec, I was not taught any homemaking skills, nor the importance of them!  For a long time I have thought how helpful an instructional video like this would be, and thankfully the Rosses have made one.

Jennifer welcomes us into her home and teaches us basic skills such as cooking and cleaning, but also much, much more.  She gives excellent tips and instruction in all the aspects of homemaking (money- and time-saving tips, child-training, meal planning, scheduling and routines, decorating, etc.), and all in such an inspiring and encouraging way.  I so much appreciate Jennifer's kind and gentle manner, and she is an inspiration to me.  Scripture is presented throughout this lovely video, and there are even questions and answers with an older Titus 2 woman.  An especially encouraging aspect of this video is that the role of homemaker is upheld as the occupation approved of and given by the Lord for Christian women.

A Lady Looking in a Mirror by an Open Door
I have five amazing daughters and we love to put this video in and watch it while we fold laundry.  It has been helpful to all of us to learn new homemaking skills, but perhaps even more important at times, to be encouraged in our roles as keepers at home, when we are so often discouraged by the people around us who don't see the importance of this God-given occupation.  It is good for them to see not only me as an example of a homemaker, but to see that other women joyfully do this as well!

If you are a homemaker, I have no doubt that you will find this video encouraging and useful, especially if you have daughters in your household.  And there is more good news!  Jennifer has announced that there will be another video in the Homemaking 101 series.

Watch the trailer for Homemaking 101 here:


I received this video free of charge to review.  The opinions expressed are my honest opinions.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful video! =)

Blessed Homemaking said...

It is!

Finding Joy said...

I am always interested to hear what mothers teach their children . My mother was a full time teacher but taught us children (four of us) everything we needed to know about running a home. Her working full time never got in the way of training us. It must be very difficult for those men and women who received limited training. Sounds like a very helpful DVD.

Blessed Homemaking said...

It is helpful, Joluise.

Linda said...

I bought this DVD. I love it. I am 56 years old and it was helpful and encouraging to me and I am happy to hear another one is coming out.I can't wait to get that one too!

Blessed Homemaking said...

Oh good, I am glad to hear you have it and like it! It is a truly wonderful video.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for such a kind review! We are diligently working on the second one and hope to have it finished very soon!! Blessings!

Blessed Homemaking said...

I can't wait, Jennifer! I'm sure it will be great!

Unknown said...

Hello :) I'm Kristy, a mama to 5 girls and my girls. I stumbled across it as I was looking up homeschooling curriculums. I had remembered Jennifer using it in her video and I googled her and the curriculum and reviews. It brought me to you. It caught my attention that you too have 5 daughters. This video has been a blessing to my girls and I too. Jennifer taught me how to make taco meat! lol


Blessed Homemaking said...

Hi Kristy--glad to have you here! I'm glad you enjoyed the video :)