Thursday, October 11, 2012

What Are You Teaching Your Children?

Mother And Child

What are you teaching your children, day after day?  And I mean not just by your words, what you say to them, but by your actions as well.  Do you tell them that children are blessings but then act like they get in your way and are little burdens to bare that you would rather not?  Or do they know that they are vastly important and highly valued, and that you enjoy raising them up and training them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord?

The world is full of lies it would like to tell your children, both sons and daughters alike.  It will tell them that little children are burdens and should be avoided.  It will tell them that they should have two children at the most, and then cut off their reproduction so as to not limit themselves in other areas.  It will tell your sons that they cannot provide for a large family if they let the Lord bless them with children.  It will tell your daughters that being keepers at home is second-rate, unimportant, and insignificant.  It will even tell them that children are annoying, whine all day, and always want food.  Seriously, I have had family members who claim to be Christians say this to my children.  So basically, they were telling my own children that they themselves are annoying, whine all day, and always want food.  What horrible things to say to a child.

The world will tell your daughters that Ruth had a job and Esther didn't stay home, and then claim that they are saying what is in God's Word.  They will claim that being a keeper at home is just an option out there, but there are so many other better things they can do.  It will try to seduce them with lies of getting a job to get all the things they want to get, like a nice, pretty house and nice clothes.  It will teach them that having babies will hold them back and even keep them from having other "better" things in life.

The Sistine Madonna

This will happen.  So will your children be prepared?  Do they know that they cannot take fancy houses with them to heaven, or nice clothes, but only their children?  Do they know that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, and not to chase after it?  Do they know that Ruth gleaned in the fields for a short time to gather food for herself and her widowed mother-in-law, and it was not a job?  Do your daughters know that when they stay home to take care of children, and yes, babies with stinky diapers, they are raising future generations that will last and last into eternity?  Teach them to think, What would have happened if Mary said to God, "I'm sorry, God, I want to go out and have a career and make money, not stay home and change Jesus' diapers all day!"  Ridiculous!  Or, did Mary hire a babysitter to watch baby Jesus while she went out to work?  Of course she didn't!  These kinds of things will help your children realize how ludicrous some of the things people will try to instill in them are, all in the attempt to have them seek after their own gain and glory instead of doing what God wants them to do.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Mother and Child Art Print Poster

We have to be on guard and be aware of the pervasive lies in our culture, even among those who claim Christ.  We have to instill daily in our children the Truth of the Bible, and what God says in His Word.  Women are to be keepers at home, and men are to provide for their families.  There are no Scriptures to support women seeking after careers and leaving their families for jobs outside of the home.  But others will twist God's Word and say that there are.  They will actively try to deceive our children.  So day by day, we need to be teaching them, training them, showing them by example, and sharing with them the Scriptures that give them instruction for their lives.  And we must show them that we love them, and that they are not burdens, but they are truly blessings.  This is life, Mothers.  This is our high and holy calling.  Don't let anyone tell you or your children otherwise!

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  1. You have the most beautiful posts ever, I praise God that there are redeemed, Godly women in this world......when all the rest of the world seems lost in darkness. Thank-you.

    1. Thank you so much. Sometimes it can seem like we are all alone, but I thank God that there are still those that seek after God and want to do His will.

  2. Thank you for this post, especially reaffirming and reminding me as a mother that I need to keep telling my children how precious they are and letting them see that I truly feel that way about them. Not complaining about what a rough time four kids can be, how hard it is homeschooling a 7 yr old, while keeping up with a 3,2,&1 yr old, each less than a year apart. It is easy to become discouraged when the 2 yr old is displaying her blood curdling lung capacity in the middle of WalMart, wondering if I'm doing enough 'right' as her mother, otherwise why would she be acting this way? But I wouldn't trade staying home with my children for anything and I truly enjoy being with them. But letting THEM know and see and feel valued even when I'm tired is so important. Thank you for this post!

  3. This is exactly what I was wondering: what will I teach my daughters and sons when they will appear in my life? Will I trust in my homemaker values in order to transmit them over generations as my grand-grandmother tried? Or will my daughters be affected by socialist feminism too, as many women in our family were due to such education in school? How will I homeschool my daughters provided that in my country homeschooling is not legally allowed? I am a teacher and I see every day generations destroyed by feminism, abandonned by their families on the rotten shoulders of state education. May God help us be what we are supposed to be, not what the world pretends we should be.

  4. Hi, I just love this time of year, and love your blog too, sorry I have not been around much, trying to get back into the swing of blogging again, and visiting all my favorite blogs too. Have a great Saturday, and such a beautiful fall day here in Georgia. Hugs my friend.


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