Saturday, December 15, 2012

Keeping Your Home in Good Repair

House of the Seven Gables, Massachusetts, USA

Do you and your husband have a plan for keeping your home in good repair?  In most cases, the husband should take care of home repairs.  His masculinity makes him more suited to these tasks.  But perhaps in some way the home repairs are left unattended by a husband.  Shall you, as homemaker, leave the tasks alone or undertake some for yourself?

When the home is in good repair, it makes your children feel loved and helps them to be more pleased with their surroundings.  Some things the homemaker could do to help keep her home in good repair is to set some money aside each month for home repairs.  Maybe there are walls that need patching--you can buy a little spackle and a small putty knife.  There is even spackle that goes on pink and turns white when it dries so you know when you can apply a second layer.  After filling up holes and cracks with spackle, you can paint the spots with primer before you paint it with regular paint.

Some other small tasks you can do are to tighten loose screws around the home, such as on tables and chairs and maybe even beds.  If you have a little son, let him come with you as you do these tasks so he can see how to do them and one day take over for you.  If you don't know how to do something, look it up on the internet.  There are even lots of videos available on sites such as Youtube that will show you how to do many things.  I have a toilet that keeps getting clogged, and I've had an awful time with it.  But I learned from a video online how to take care of it just right.

For bigger tasks, you may need help.  Don't be afraid to ask friends, neighbors, family, or people from church for help with your home repairs.  It is OK to need help from others, and it is a blessing to your family and those who visit you to keep your home in good repair.

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  1. Dear Violet, I think sometimes we must help with what we can or are able to do to keep the home in good repair. I have always enjoyed painting and fixing up things in my home. My hubby loves that I desire to help and assist him in whatever needs are attention. And yes you can google anything:)
    Also, clutter can be a beast that leaves me not quite able to complety rest. So I do try to combat it, for I love a neat and tidy home.
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. I know that feeling of too much clutter. It happens quickly in our small home, but it is such a great feeling to get rid of unneeded things.

  2. Amen! ;-)
    Love your posts sweet lady! You offer encouragement and great ideas to al;l who read them. God Bless you.

  3. Good advice it is easier to keep a clean home if everything has a place and not to much clutter is arround.


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