Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things I'm Reading and Thoughts About Grain-Soaking

Do you ever log onto the computer to check your email and get totally distracted and get sucked into reading article after article?  Yeah, me too. *guilty face*

But I did want to share a few things with you I've been looking at, simply because they are so interesting and really made me think.  Well, the first isn't so shocking, just a recipe for homemade cream of mushroom soup.  I've actually made my own version before because the store-bought kind is so bad because it contains the neuro-toxin MSG.

So there's a recipe that looks good, but I haven't tried it yet.

OK, now onto what got me distracted for way too long.  Soaking grains.  I am big on grain-soaking, at least in theory.  I have to admit I don't always have time to soak our grains, but I usually feel guilty when I don't and wonder if I'm forever harming my children's health in the process.  Sooo...imagine my interest when I stumbled upon some articles discussing whether soaking grains is actually necessary or not.  I even found some information that states that phytic acid is actually beneficial to your body...Now what to believe?  I am still not sure.  I haven't come to a conclusion yet.  I need to do more research when I have time *ahem*.  But I do know one thing.  I am glad I know the Lord who holds all of my days in His hand.  Isn't that a relief?

A few other thoughts I have:
  • Antibiotics have surely contributed largely to our population's health problems because they kill off the good bacteria in our guts
  • It is important to keep fermented foods in our diets to keep our good bacteria highly populated in our guts
  • By the way, it bothers me about all the "anti-grain" craziness going on when Jesus is called The Bread of Life and there are so many positive references to bread in God's Word.  And yes, I have even been on GAPS before, but I just think we need to not say that grains are the ultimate evil in food.  Not at all.
  • I know I would really, really like a Nutrimill Grain Mill!  Hopefully one day I'll be able to get one.  Guess I need to save up those Amazon gift certificates.  Or something!
  • Food is not our god but can be used as one of the best form of medicine by eating as healthy of a diet that we can within the constraints of time and finances that God has given us.  Prayer for wisdom from God is met with a promise from God that He will give us that wisdom.
  • Supper at Emmaus
    Jesus ate bread!
Well that's enough for now.  Here are some of the articles I was reading if you are interested in seeing the other side of (not) soaking grains.
Conclusion: I'm not saying you shouldn't soak your grains, but I guess there is another side to the story.  If you have limited time, I just suggest reading the Phytic Acid-Friend or Foe? article.  Meanwhile I guess I will try to stop feeling immensely guilty every time I don't soak our grains.  And please, do what works for your family!

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  1. Hello, I really like you giving both sides of the soaking of grains. I also try to soak, but rice and such not so much. I always try to keep a balance from the being hard task master of preparing our food, to taking joy and eating as simple and clean and wholesome as possible.
    Which brings me to the benifits of dark chocolate :) !!
    Blessings, Roxy

    1. I'm glad you appreciate the post and like your eating philosophy. Yes, love dark chocolate :)

  2. I agree about Jesus and the bread of life, but have you read about modern wheat? There is a book, Wheat Belly that looks into it, but I have not had time to read it yet. We have nut allergies, and there is not much else to eat with no wheat.


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