Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Night Funny

Children Laughing

You know, there are some things as a mother and homemaker that you just have to laugh at.  Tonight, one of those times happened--those times when you just have to laugh.

My little daughter--three years old--had a tummy ache and asked me for some charcoal. I went to make her some, and she followed me out to the kitchen.  After I made it for her, she was standing at the kitchen table, making funny faces at me with her black mouth.  The charcoal was in a small container, so I reminded her not to let go of the spoon.  In a few minutes I was busy doing something--I think drying a load of laundry.  Well, I only had my eyes off of her briefly, when I heard a *splat* on the kitchen floor.  I turned around to find her standing there, with deep, black charcoal splatted all across the kitchen floor, on her feet, on her pajamas, on the table legs and wall.  She had forgotten my instructions and let go of the spoon in the container.  This was just shortly after I discovered that our dishwasher had stopped working.

I sighed and half-chuckled, and wondered where to start to clean up the mess.  She assured me, "Mama, I didn't try to."  I told her, "I know, Sweetie."

My twelve year old came out to see what had happened.  She giggled and attempted to briefly wipe the kitchen floor with her feet and some paper towels.  Then she got black on her own feet and had to clean them off.  The three year told me she had to go to the bathroom.  Sometimes with a three year old, that can be an emergency, so I hurried to clean her feet.  Then out came three other girls to inquire.  Two of the oldest helped rush Three Year Old to the bathroom, feet now clean.  The middle child stayed to help me wipe down the messy kitchen (my twelve year old had gone back to bed), until she got tired.  I cleaned up the rest of the mess, just thankful to have some helpers.

It was a mess.  But it's funny now.  I would rather have messes and children than no children at all!

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  1. Awww, so sweet ...good that you laughed, bless you...keeping lighthearted even in an emergency mess, is quite important..for your own sanity, and for their well~being : ) Charcoal is VERY messy though!

    1. Yes, it is important! So glad we could laugh about it together :D


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