Friday, December 26, 2014

A Story to Lift Your Spirits

Hello Dear Readers,

Too often we forget what is really important in life. Too often we get caught up in things that don’t matter.

But not today…

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Today, I’m going to tell you Ryan and Stephanie’s amazing story to add a little inspiration into your holiday season. Make sure you read it from end to end. It will add a lot of perspective to your way of thinking about your life:

Ryan was a software executive. Ryan was a happily married, family man.
Ryan was diagnosed with cancer.

It was February of 2007, and Ryan had gone into the doctor’s office for a routine check up when he heard the news.

Ryan was devastated.

You see, Ryan and his wife Stephanie had 4 wonderful children and he wanted to be there for them. He didn’t want to miss the most important moments of their lives.

So Ryan decided to fight. He underwent 6 months of gruesome chemotherapy and treatment. He suffered through painful side effects. His weight went down to 135 pounds, he had daily migraines and was suffering from 25-30 seizures a day.

Ryan fought on. He overcame the cancer…but that wasn’t the end of it. Ryan’’s side effects from the chemotherapy didn’t go away. They dragged on and on. Migraine after migraine. Seizure after seizure.

Ryan’s oncologist called it his “new normal”. But Ryan refused to accept this as his new life. Stephanie wouldn’t let him. He was going to take control of his life for his children.

So Ryan and Stephanie got to work. They started reading, researching and educating themselves about better ways to live their lives…Ryan hired a kinesiologist and exercised through the seizures, he started taking supplements every day and drank fresh juices and smoothies.

He and Stephanie were trying to find a better “new normal”…And they succeeded!

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In the years that followed, they didn’t just change Ryan’s way of life, they transformed how their family lived theirs together, so that none of their children ever had to experience what Ryan went through.

The end, right? Happily ever after? Not for Ryan and Stephanie. They’ve made it their life’s mission to pass along what they learned along their journey to families everywhere.

And that’s what brought me to share their story with you.

In the coming days, I’ll be sharing more information about what Ryan and Stephanie have been working on. These two are incredible (no wonder they found each other!).

When I do, make sure you go through what they have to say. Believe me, it will transform your family’s life.

With Blessings,
Blessed Homemaking

P.S. As a warm-up, sign up for Ryan and Stephanie’s FREE 4-Day Healthy Living Challenge. It’s how Ryan got started on his journey after his cancer battle and it can change your approach to life forever.

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